A lot of us don’t particularly like to think about ageing. Who does? We all want to keep our healthy youthful skin forever and none of us want our knees to start clicking in that weird way that our dads’ knees always did. But the truth is that you can’t hide from getting older forever – but what you can do, is make sure that the ageing process is as kind to you as possible. Here are some tips on how to stay healthy as you get older.

Get Fit And Healthy

The truth is that there’s no better way to keep yourself feeling fit and healthy than to keep physically active. Whenever possible, make sure that you walk instead of driving. Hiking is one of the best ever hobbies – not only do you get to admire a plethora of incredible landscapes but you get to do so while keeping fit. Even better if you can convince your partner or a friend to join you! There are no conversations quite like the deep, thoughtful ones that you have during a long walk. You should make sure that you take it easy when you feel the need to, but the more active you are, the more happy you’ll be.

Quit Your Vices

Remember that it’s never too late to give up your vices. Even if you’ve been a pack a day smoker since you were fifteen, if you really put your mind to it then it sincerely is possible to give up. You probably already know that smoking affects your lungs and can bring on harmful conditions like emphysema and lung cancer as well as exacerbating chronic illnesses like asthma – but if you quit, you’ll notice that your everyday life has improved vastly as you won’t be nearly as short of breath or cranky because of nicotine withdrawal.

Keep Getting Check Ups

Unfortunately more than one in three people will suffer from cancer at some point in their lives – and I’m willing to bet that everyone reading this has been personally affected by it in some way. It’s absolutely crucial that if you’re a woman, you keep getting your regular mammograms and smear tests, and that you keep making sure that you check your breasts for any lumps, dimpled skin or discoloration. It’s also important that you keep checking your moles to make sure that none of them have changed in colour, size or texture. Make sure that your husband gets regular checks to ensure he isn’t suffering from prostate cancer – it’s a relatively common condition in older men and although it sounds frightening, if it’s caught early the treatment can be very non invasive. Read at comprehensive-urology.com/high-intensity-focused-ultrasound/ for more details.

Keep Your Mind Active

One of the best ways to stay young forever is to make sure that you keep your mind active. If you’ve retired, keep up your hobbies and start going to classes to master skills that you’ve always wanted to pick up – you can always learn French or how to play the piano! There’s no age limit on anything unless you set it for yourself.