There is no doubt that this time of quarantine is presenting a host of challenges for people looking to stay connected with those that they love the most. Not being able to resume normal activity because of the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic is difficult for family members who are used to spending time together in close proximity.
Fortunately, there are still ways that you can remain in touch and continue to promote these invaluable family bonds. Here are five ways that you can stay connected with family in quarantine.

Engage in a Competition

Every family loves a little friendly competition. Many people are using this downtime to launch a new exercise routine. You can kill two birds with one stone by implementing a workout routine that everyone in the family can do remotely. For example, try picking a race in the future that everyone can train for separately.
You can also institute family goals that everyone can strive to reach so that it becomes a common cause within your group. During this time of quarantine, many fitness providers have also launched online classes. You can spend time virtually with your family by participating in the same classes together.

Pick Up the Same Hobbies

There are many ways to stay connected to the ones that you love the most while in quarantine. Making a concerted effort to choose the same hobbies will help you to feel close to those that you cannot spend time with in person. For example, perhaps your group of friends wants to choose the same movie to watch so that you can discuss later over a video conference call. If you are a reading enthusiast, a quarantine book club can be a fun way to pass the time at home but still have a common topic to talk about with your family.

Get Technical

Modern technology has been a huge blessing during this time of quarantine. With so many ways to stay connected, you have no excuse for not keeping in touch. Taking the time to research some of the best free screen sharing services will ensure that you are able to share your favorite pictures and other multimedia items with your family during this time apart. There is also a wide array of video conferencing services that make phone calls more personal and fun. Even something as simple as a group FaceTime call can bring joy to everyone in the family.

Plan Outdoor Activities

As states begin to loosen the quarantine restrictions, it may be possible for you to hang out with family members in outdoor settings as long as you are still committed to practicing social distancing measures. Many parks and green spaces are now open to visitors. This may be a good chance to plan an outing where your family can engage without getting too close. Wearing masks and using hand sanitizer frequently will also cut the risk that you get sick while outside. Be sure to plan your outing carefully so that you do not have to make unnecessary trips into retail outlets or other places where there may be a higher chance of catching the virus.

Host an Online Game Night

There has been a surge of online game opportunities since the onset of the pandemic. Many of the most popular video conferencing call services now offer a variety of family-friendly games that everyone will enjoy. Playing a game gives the video call a level of structure while also producing an abundance of laughs and good conversation.
The nice thing about this idea is that now you can connect with family members that live all over the world. Distance is no longer a barrier when spending time together in meaningful ways. Even when the world goes back to some sense of normalcy, you can still use these innovative ways to stay in touch with those that you are not able to see regularly.
Although you may need to get creative and think outside of the box to connect with loved ones, you can use this time to boost your family bonds and grow together. With the right approach, the power of human connection will become apparent as you come up with new ways to spend time with family.