With minimal effort, your new mate carries you across the threshold of the home the two of you will share. Starry eyed, you can’t stop thinking about the amazing, honeymoon trip that just ended. If you’re a newlywed, you likely desire to start your marriage out on the right foot. To accomplish this important task, consider the following tips.


Show Appreciation

Before marriage, future spouses often compliment each other profusely. For instance, a guy might tell his fiancée how beautiful she looks on a daily basis. Or, a woman may always praise her future husband for paying for her meals at restaurants. After marriage, spouses sometimes forget to show appreciation to their mates. Each day, strive to compliment or thank your loved one for something. While not requiring much effort, this simple act can make your mate’s day special.


Don’t Stop Dating

Successful couples don’t stop dating each other after marriage. Regardless of whether you’ve been married for a week or ten years, you need to set aside time each week to spend with your significant other. For example, you might go out for dinner and dancing every Friday night. Or, you may watch a romantic comedy on the last Saturday night of each month. Despite establishing dating rituals, being spontaneous can also be fun. Fin instance, you might go on an overnight trip to a nearby, beach resort on the spur of the moment. If you make dating a priority after marriage, you’ll likely keep the romance alive in your relationship.


Quit a Porn Addiction

Are either you or your new mate struggling with a porn addiction? When one partner is addicted to porn, devastating results to a marriage can occur. The non-addicted spouse might start to feel he or she isn’t as beautiful, tall, muscular, or thin enough for his or her mate. If left unchecked, a porn addiction might lead to adultery. To successfully learn how to quit porn, a mate should develop a support team around him or her. A network of support might consist of: a support group for porn addicts, a therapist, friends, and family members.


After creating a support team, a porn addict must create a detailed, action plan. In this plan, the porn addict should develop concreted goals, and the steps needed to achieve those goals. While on the road to recovery, identifying triggers is also crucial. For instance, looking at a magazine for weightlifting enthusiasts might cause a porn addict to think undesirable thoughts. Once triggers are identified, a support team can help a porn addict develop ways to address and avoid them.


Talk About Finances

Disagreements over money lead many couples to dissolve their marriages in divorce courts. To prevent engaging in explosive arguments about finances, establish ground rules early in your marriage. For example, the two of you might pledge to talk about all purchases of over 100 dollars with each other before you make them.


Discuss Upcoming Holidays

Newlyweds sometimes fight over whose parents they will spend important holidays such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with. To start your marriage off on the right note, discuss upcoming holidays months in advance. Taking turns is usually a good idea. For example, you might decide to spend the Christmas holidays with your parents this year while visiting your in-laws for Christmas next year. You may even wish to spend an important holiday alone with your spouse, and future kids, each year. This decision might allow you to visit both of your parents either before or after the special occasion.


For some people, a marriage relationship is the most stressful, amazing, and rewarding bond of their lives. To enjoy many years of married bliss, beginning a union on the right footing is crucial. If you want to make your marriage stand the test of time, consider implementing one or more of the aforementioned tips.