Having a romantic dinner date at home can be much more special than going out to a restaurant and spending your personal time alongside with a bunch of strangers. Your partner will be more than delighted to spend some quality time with you, especially if you are hosting the dinner date and cooking the meal all by yourself. It will make them feel that you are putting in a lot of efforts for them.

So keeping that in mind here are a few points in mind that you must remember while planning and hosting a romantic dinner date in your home:-

The Food – First and foremost, your partner will love you a little bit more if the food you serve is cooked by you, and is also amazing in taste. But this doesn’t mean you have to prepare the most complex of dishes or try to beat a lavish restaurant; the trick here is to keep the food simple, intriguing and packed with flavour. You must keep the meal in 3 courses along with your favourite drinks (wine being the most popular choice).

The appetiser can also involve an element of preparation in which you can engage your partners are well. Choose the main course that doesn’t require a lot of prep. Your dish must not be complicated and messy to eat. For the dessert keep something that is not too sweet, a pretty simple ice cream or cake will do the job, as the dessert must not take a too much of eating time.

The Table Setup – Apart from the meal, another essential thing to be kept in mind is the way you present your food and the setting of your dining table. The presentation is as important because it sets off the baseline for the overall impression. A lot of people do not pay that much attention to the display, and this is what lacks in their date. You must take out your best serving glasses and the fanciest plates and silverware, that you have, as this is one of those special occasions for which you have kept those dishes for.

The Mood Setup – To set up a beautiful mood for your romantic dinner you should choose some very exquisite and romantic decorations. Probably keep a beautiful flower arrangement as the centrepiece of your table or even use flameless candles that will add a subtle hint of light to the table. If you like you can also play some light, slow music in the background that will accompany the mood.  Moreover, you must try to avoid any distractions that might occur. You must make sure that nothing should come between the two of you when you have your time. Keep away your mobile phones and keep yourself and your mind clean to enjoy your date thoroughly.

Dress Up! – The last thing that you definitely must not miss is to make sure that you are looking your best when you are getting ready for the dinner night. Even if you are not going outside this doesn’t mean that you should not dress up appropriately. This will add to the mood of the date. The main idea here is to make your partner feel special, make him/her feel that you have undertaken all these efforts for them only. You can even try to wear that one outfit of yours, which your partner loved the most when you wore it. This will add up to your date being more special all the way.

So, if you are planning to have that perfect dinner date at your home, then you must keep in mind the things mentioned above as they will ensure that the two of you have an ideal time and enjoy each other’s company the most.