Bathrooms are an essential part of all our homes. While this space is one we frequent a lot, it doesn’t always get the star treatment it deserves. By transforming your bathroom into a place for ultimate luxury and relaxation, you’ll feel even more at home. Read on for four inexpensive ideas to help you spice up your bathroom.

Replace the Drain Grate

Having a rusty drain in the shower or bathtub will make any bathroom look dilapidated. While you may want to completely remodel your whole bathroom, this isn’t necessary. Replacing the rusty drainage grate is an effective and simple solution to add a more luxurious look to the room. Consider installing a stainless steel drainage grate to instantly make your bathroom look more modern. Rust-free and shiny, your bathroom will instantly look better.

Use Large-Scale Lighting

Using large scale light fixtures is another great way to upgrade your bathroom. Lighting is a major luxury that most of us take for granted. With a larger fixture, you can make a huge impact without taking up more space in the bathroom. Consider using flush-mount chandeliers. This luxurious lighting adds an extra ounce of glamor to the room, making self-care easier than ever. Chandeliers are also better at dispersing the light rather than having it all come sharply from one direction. This is easier on the eyes and illuminates the face and skin in a much more flattering and accurate way.

Invest in Plants

Fresh plants are an easy and inexpensive way to make your bathroom look fresh. With new greenery in the bathroom, you’ll be able to cultivate an atmosphere that lends itself to relaxation. Consider using plants like orchids, Boston ferns, and aloe vera for healthy and happy greenery in your bathroom. Bamboo are also very relaxing, easy to maintain, and need very little space. Another fresh idea for plant life in the bathroom is a living bath mat. This mat is made of plants that collect water droplets whenever anyone exits the shower or bathtub. The fresh air provided by the plants and natural humidity control that these types of mats offer is truly luxurious for any bathroom.

Upgrade to Classy Containers

Classy containers are a great way to take your bathroom to the next level. Accessories like toothbrush holders and soap dispensers are essentials that have the power to communicate luxury, especially if they’re of higher quality. Consider using beautiful glass bottles for your body wash, lotion, and shampoos. This not only allows for clean and easy re-use of the containers (which is convenient if you buy your shampoos in bulk) but also creates a more relaxing visual atmosphere than plastics that need to be thrown away regularly.

If you want to take your self-care routines to the next level, give yourself the chance to do that in a bathroom that lives up to your luxurious standards. Keep these ideas in mind as you find creative ways to make your bathroom a haven for relaxation. Making cleaning and maintenance easier not only creates a more relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom, but makes the room itself less stressful in your life overall.