Hiring an inexperienced tree maintenance company can lead to considerable trouble down the road.  This is especially true when it comes to mature trees.  Improper maintenance of large, mature trees can ultimately lead to the expenditure of more money and time then if the job was done correctly right from the start.  If you have a mature tree on your property and you believe that it needs some help; maybe it’s starting to looked a little sickly, or maybe it’s become vastly overgrown, it doesn’t matter.  Professional tree surgery can be a huge help and you can avoid having to cut the tree down if the problems it’s having are really bad.  So you might want to call for Canopy Tree Surgery.

The job of a professional tree surgeon is to trim the tree and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that it will get better and go on to live a healthy life for years to come.  Here are some tips on how to save your mature tree using tree surgery:

What Is Tree Surgery?

Tree surgery involves the use of power tools and working at great heights, so it is actually one of the most dangerous jobs you can have when it comes to working out doors and with nature.  It usually consists basic tree trimming and removal of trees.  It seems like every day home owners are being warned about the dangers of hiring inexperienced tree surgeons.  So be careful who you select to do this type of work for you.  Use a professional tree surgeon like Canopy Tree Surgery.

Tree Care

Everyone likes trees.  They add beauty to our properties and make shade to protect our gardens from the sometimes brutal summer heat, and they help to purify the air we breathe.  All of this makes taking care of our trees an essential part of things home owners need to do.  Tree care is frequently overlooked by people because we get caught up in so many other aspects of life.  A tree surgeon will not only assist you in saving a tree which is in trouble, but will also assist you with suggestions for future tree care.

Tree Damage

If you have a mature tree that has been on your property for decades and it has been damaged by severe weather, disease, or simply age a tree surgeon will examine it and know what to do.

Many trees can also be damaged by disease, failure to prune them and simple neglect.  If your tree is leaning it may have to be removed.  In most cases, trees that are leaning have either a weak root structure of there is damage to the top section.  Cutting back tree limbs can sometimes save a tree which is leaning, but in most cases these trees have to be removed for safety reasons.  Once the tree is removed, the tree surgeon can have his company do stump grinding, so that the trunk of the tree is not left in your yard.  They may even do wood chipping and let you keep the wood chips for use in your garden and yard like Canopy Tree wood chips.

Trees like pines which have deep roots will probably not lean unless they are in a location where the soil has eroded from the root structure.  The typical type of damage to these trees is crown damage.

Tree crown reduction is a form of pruning.  It can also be called crown thinning.  This is done to help the tree stabilize and continue to grow with strong, healthy limbs.

In general, most crown reduction is done on hardwood trees.  This consists of trimming and removing preselected tree limbs, so that the sunlight can penetrate the whole tree and the airflow is improved.  Better airflow can help reduce any exterior moisture growing on the bark, which can cause disease.  These remains can also be turned into wood chips for use on your property like Canopy Tree wood chips.

Another thing which can be done to save a mature tree is what is called crown raising.  This means removing limbs from the lower portion of the tree.  These would be low hanging limbs that can get in the way if you attempt to walk underneath the tree.

Biography:  Jake Hyet is an expert on trees surgery and tree care.  He worked for Canopy Tree Surgery and learned about all aspects of tree maintenance, including the importance of Canopy Tree wood chips for landscaping and other purposes.