A car roof lining is also known as a headlining or a headliner. It’s basically a piece of fabric that’s secured to the roof framing. This overhead panel, stuck to the inside of the roof of your car, is provided to insulate the car from outside noise. It gives the roof a smooth texture, and maintains a pleasant temperature inside, buffering the external heat and cold.

But over time, the roof-lining’s fabric may suffer due to wear and tear. It can also get really dirty with stains, which may be due to greasy fingers or scraping luggage. Also, due to extreme usage conditions, the roof lining may get loose and separate out from the backing board. This state is known as sagging. And you can’t just go on avoiding it, as it comes in the way. Now, you can try to fix it on your own using simple hacks, but ultimately you will need to hire professionals who offer a car roof  lining repair. Sydney Car Roof Linings have been providing excellent service in the field of headliner repairs and make the whole process as easy and convenient as possible for the customers.

Follow these simple hacks to repair a sagging headliner in no time

What could cause a headliner to sag? It could be an old, rusty car, poor maintenance, or that long road trip you took to a sunny place. Yes! Even overheating can cause the glue to dissolve. This leads to loss in the upkeep of the fabric. You will have to repair it at the end of the day, but these are just a few easy tricks to keep it holding up for a few more days.

  1. Gluing it on: This is the old-school method of gluing anything that seems to have come out of place. It’s the best method to go for, if the fabric has sagged from particular areas, such as the corners or the edges. Make sure to use a special headliner adhesive, as the ordinary glue won’t be of much use. You can even use a spray can adhesive that will help you to apply the glue evenly.
  2. Pin it down: This is another quick fix option, that won’t require much money or time. This option is quite effective, and you can put back the roof lining in place even if half of it is coming off. Use any kind of pins that may serve your purpose. Push the fabric back into the foam backing board with the help of pins. You can even arrange the pins in a particular pattern to make the roof lining look visibly acceptable.
  3. Use twist-pins: Clear-headed twist pins, or also known as saggy stoppers, are inexpensive ways of putting the roof liner in place. They are a hassle-free option, and you can use them even if the whole of the lining is about to get detached and fall on your head. And cherry on the cake? These pins don’t even leave any holes or after usage damage as tacks or glue does. The latter options can damage the fragile fabric if used in the wrong way.
  4. Steam cleaner hack: You can even try the steam cleaner and paint roller combo. The steam cleaner will assist in melting the glue of the roof lining. This will help in the reattachment process. Following that, the paint roller will help the fabric to set up evenly with no crease or wrinkle. This option works best, when the headliner is sagging around the edges.

So, these were some of the easy, budget-friendly, and time-saving hacks that you can use to repair a sagging car roof lining. This may help in extending the life of the headliner for a few more days or weeks. But ultimately, take the help of a professional repair service, and say your goodbye to this headache, once and for all.