Flea invasion must be the most challenging danger for pet raisers. However, this challenge could be stopped just by several simple solutions. In this article, I would like to share about one solution which is so familiar with all of us. It is using a comb, an easy and effective treatment for flea on the pet.

Flea comb treatment is amazingly easy to follow; so simple that most of us can do it without an attempt. In fact, to use a flea comb effectively, we must consider more and more issues such as when to comb your pet or what to do afterward. So, let’s solve this issue together.

Flea Comb Information

I would like to ask you a question: what flea comb is used for? Surely, most of you think that we do it to remove flea, just so simple. Exactly, the purpose of using flea comb is more than that. Most importantly, flea comb helps us identify whether our pets have flea dirt or not. There are some common signs that people can see when flea appears, for example, scratching, having an itchy dot. However, they are “late” signs since we just can find out them when our flea problem is really bad. In this situation, a flea comb can help. I recommend that pet owner do this tact weekly to ensure that flea issue is under your control. Whenever you comb and find a strange syndrome, it is time to report to your veterinarian. Besides, flea comb also helps to remove flea. Most adult and larvae fleas are removed, whereas egg form fleas are not. And it is an un-toxic treatment, which is highly appreciated for some baby pets.


There is a common fact that owners usually do a flea comb with few preparations. In fact, preparation will determine how effective your treatment would be. Therefore, pay attention to this step. What we need to prepare is nothing complex at all: a bright color towel, soapy water, and a separated room. You also need help from other people during comb processing. Pets especially some with sharp claws would not lie steady for you to comb every part of their furry body.



Firstly, a bright color towel would spread out for your pet to lie on. Bright color, usually is white, would be easier to distinguish between the dark color of fleas. If you notice tiny strange balls with black or brown color falling on the towel, your flea problem at least did appear.

About the soapy water, it is used to clean your pet after combing. Soapy water is able to make sure that our furry pets have less risk of hidden adult flea and can tank other alternative treatments (you should refer to this website for more flea control methods). Last but not least, the separated room is another requirement. Victims of flea invasion find it difficult with flea control on the carpet rather than the body of pets. A flea comb is used for pets while their carpets need some others. You should take your pet to another room in order to keep both of them in flea-free.

As an effective way to end up flea infestation, flea comb is really easy as well as advanced. Remember to follow the recommendation above to take this un-toxic treatment more effectively. I hope that it would be some help for you and your pets.