As any experienced sailor knows there are two adages that always hold true when it comes to boat refits and remodels. The first is that maintenance is crucial for any seaworthy vessel. While this should go without saying many marine enthusiasts slack on repairs or avoid them until it is too late. The second adage is that boat repairs will be expensive. However one can avoid these pitfalls by practicing appropriate preventative measures. In the following article we will examine four of the best ways to remodel your old boat to give it a newer look and feel.

Investing the Time

Before you begin your boat refit it is imperative that you allocate the time you will have available for your project. Typically it takes anywhere from 1500 to 3000 hours of work to build a 30+ foot boat. Manufacturers will have specialized gear and production lines that make boat fabrication much easier than a full retrofit and restoration job. Essentially before starting a project one must ensure that they have the time available to actually complete the job.

Financial Investment

Another important step one must take before beginning work is the expected financial cost. While it would be easy to say restoring an old boat can be done on a budget, this is simply not the case. Restoring and refinishing the hull alone can costs many thousands of dollars just to start. Restoring an old boat is very capital intensive. You can get around some of the capital requirements by putting in hard work but that will only stretch so far unless you are a master marine mechanic.

Another way you can plan financially for a boat remodel is to plan out where you are going to get all of your supplies. For example, you may need new seats. If so, you should pick out a store, like Pontoon Stuff, ahead of time. Know where you’ll be going to for everything else as well. This way, you’ll be able to come up with a total estimate of the final cost.

Planning the Restoration

After determining financial expenditures the next step is planning the actual refit. While everyone and their mother wants a pretty boat the key here is to start with the structure and work out from there. Many individuals make the mistake of fixing the outward appearance of the vessel before they fix what is underneath the hatches. Fixing up broken systems and adding value where one can is the surest way to have a successful retrofit.

However, you definitely do not want this project to take forever. Of course, you probably won’t be able to get it all finished within one weekend. To help you get the project done in a timely manner, it would be best for you to write on a calendar what part of the renovation you want to work on and on what days you want to do that.

Finishing and Painting

After all inside work is completed it is highly recommended that one adds a fresh polyurethane coat. This is an additional expense but it is crucial to having good flow through the water. A good coat of urethane paint will also prevent rust and other issues caused by salt water. No boat is truly remodeled without a solid coat of paint.

Following these steps in order will ensure that any boat remodel goes well. Much like anything in life preparation is key. A good boat restoration is an accomplishment so get started using these tips and remake your dream boat.