Many people who have Facebook accounts like to use the social media platform to post videos that they have captured with their phones. Facebook has a gallery that lets you quickly access thousands of videos that are shared by different users. You can download the videos directly onto your computer so you are only left with the choice of recording it yourself. Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac offers an easy solution for those who want to know how to save videos from Facebook.

To record a Facebook video, you must first install Movavi Screen Capture Studio. When it launch, the first thing you will see is the recording frame and small control panel. The size of the recording frame is not fixed and completely flexible for further adjustment. You can customize the size of the recording frame according to the size of the video player that is opened on Facebook.

You don’t have to drag the frame exactly over the video player. It is easier to resize the recording frame to slightly larger than the video player than to exactly fit it if you have to manually adjust it and don’t know the actual video player size. If you want to record a movie with sound, make sure the Audio System button is displaying the green check. This means that anything that play on your speaker will be recorded by the screen recorder software.

You should check the volume of your computer and Facebook video player to see if they are muted and adjusted to the proper level. If you have speakers, you should use them instead of the built in speakers on your laptop. The external speaker will sound better in the Facebook video recording.

You can click the gear wheel option in Movavi Screen Capture Studio to adjust the recording frame rate. There are several recording frame rate to choose from including 15, 25,30, 50 and 60. For smooth video playing, it is recommended that you choose at least 30 fps. Higher frame rate can make the video file size larger so choosing the middle frame rate is always the best option.

You can use the timer function to configure the software to start recording on its own. Both the start and stop time can be set in the time function. For example, if the Facebook video lasts for 30 minutes, you can set the timer to stop recording after 30 minutes.

When you press the Rec button, there is still 5 seconds count down for you to click the play button on the Facebook video player to play the video. The timer function is very convenient if you know you are not going to make it to your computer front to click the Stop button.

The recorded Facebook video can be edited in the video player. It just take a few minutes to use the scissor tool to trim off the unwanted parts in the video. Subtitles can be added with the text tool if you can’t hear clear what the people in the video is talking.