Weddings are bound to be one of the most memorable days of an individual’s life. Some prefer for it to be a gala event with multitudes of guests pouting in and celebrating alongside, while some of us prefer an intimate affair with our close ones by our side. This one is for those couples who wish to keep their wedding party small and are looking for some guidelines to base their planning on. There is a myriad of ways to plan a small wedding like having it on a farmhouse or personalizing the food menu and yet keep it extremely classy and elegant by investing in an Enzoani bridal gown of dreams or having quirky games with your family and friends.

Let us dive into some of the useful tips that can make the ceremony extra special for you and your guests.

List out your ideas

Before you get all excited and start running around to the vendors, take a theoretical approach to the wedding planning. Whence you are having a small wedding there is no pressure of things going drastically wrong as you will be able to rectify easily. Plan out the season when you want to enjoy this day which can then lead a chain of events where you can decide the theme, the decor that suits your ideas, place settings, and flowers that you might like. Now you must be wondering how is this different from the normal big fat wedding. The most significant difference is that you can personalize each and every aspect of the above-mentioned items.

Handout customized invitations

Since you are only having a select few partaking in your celebrations, it would be a brilliant idea to spruce up some personalized invitation cards. You can come up with one-liners or paragraphs unique to each guest that signify your bond with them and how you would love for them to be a part of your wedding day. If this seems like a daunting task you can always go for a standard invite wrapped with a tiny token or gift that can add a personal touch and give them something to remember the wedding by even before it takes place.

Consider splurging on the bridal

Just because it is going to be an intimate doesn’t mean the wedding party will be dressed in a somber manner. In fact, the reduction of cost on the part of the food and bigger venue for the huge number of guests can be spent on you elegant and elaborate Enzoani bridal gowns. The dresses can add the desired perkiness to the gathering while simultaneously fulfilling your dream of having the perfect wedding dress. You can coordinate with the guest or create a dress code that will be quite fun and special for an intimate wedding. The dress code can be a loud in your face theme or something subtle representing the couple like a special bracelet or broach.

Think of some quirky, offbeat games

Assuming that you already have the theme, flowers, decor and the venue all sorted out, you can take some time out and think of some round the table games or tasks that would make the day even more memorable. You can assign the job to your bridesmaid or best man as well to come up with fun versions of newly-wed games. Since it is going to be a personal party you get to make the rules. You can do away with the traditions that you wish and make room for some personalized activities instead.

Finally, choose a unique venue

When the guest list is short a plethora of unnoticed venues tend to be available for hosting the wedding. Look for the one that suits your personality but is unique as well. Exotic farmhouses, lakeshores, or even someplace abroad can come in the picture if you wish to have a getaway with your friends and family for a weekend.