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Both state and federal laws have strict safety guidelines for the products and activities for children. But children often suffer injuries in schools, hospitals, homes, sports grounds, public places, and public transport. For instance, USA Today Magazine says that 1.35 million youths in America suffer serious sports injuries a year. USA Today states that such injuries are predictable and preventable.

Even more shocking is the report at MSNBC stating that nearly 10,000 American children are injured or killed by guns every year.

You are right to feel offended because the person who takes care of your child simply ignores or fails to follow the stipulated safety guidelines. The anger you experience when your child suffers physical injuries, emotional distress, and being away from schools is understandable.

Protecting the Rights of an Injured Child

You can protect your child after a major injury and sue the person who causes the child injury. By working with a lawyer skilled in personal injury settlements for minors, you can seek compensation for the medical expenses, emotional distress, long-life suffering, and any other loss caused by the child’s injury. The difficulties caused by an injury can last well beyond the initial event.

The Wisconsin law settlements for a minor considers dog bites and car accidents as cases that deserve compensation, says Groth Law Firm. The firm also presents rules regarding minors and legal settlements for injuries. The lawyers you entrust with the child injury case typically handle the matter as a personal injury and wrongful death litigation.

Child injury cases may include:

•    Birth injury claims: Birth injuries can arise due to medical malpractices. Medical officers may cause infant or child injuries leading to long-life consequences, such as cerebral palsy. Your lawyer will then help you to claim compensation for long-life upkeep for the child.
•    Motor vehicle accident compensation: Careless drivers, including those who engage in drunk driving, speeding, or talking on the telephone while driving may cause child injuries. Often the insurance of the other driver isn’t enough to cover the expenses of a major injury, so you may need to fight for extra compensation.
•    Children injuries on the playground: Sports injuries can happen because the playground manager and the coaches are negligent, fail to service the sports equipment, or do not supervise the children during the playtime.
•    Child injuries at school: Harm caused on your child in school by fellow students deserve a valid legal claim and compensation.
•    Child injuries at daycare centers: Parents who entrust the care of their children to supervisors and teachers at daycare centers may claim for damages if their children suffer injuries at the facilities.
•    Defective products: Parents can sue product manufacturers and distributors, including those that make and sell toys, for causing child injuries.

As a parent, having your child suffer injuries because of another person’s negligence causes stress. You feel aggrieved because injuries in children can damage the child’s future. You can protect your child after a major injury by seeking legal redress.