Designing a logo is one thing, but getting into the public domain is another. The benefits of a well-designed and reputable logo are wide-ranging and varied. Yet, investing in one won’t ensure that your business starts to grow from strength to strength. For that to happen, you need people to start to take notice. As soon as you hit this brief, you will begin to reap the rewards. So, the question is: how do you get your new logo out to the world? You can find the answers below.

Write A Post About The New Logo

It is not a shameless act to promote your new brand internally. In fact, it is a fantastic way to introduce the world to your new brand. After all, you need them to recognize the new logo for it to have any effect. Plus, they will start to disseminate the information to people that are outside of your customer base. Before you know it, your new logo will reach a lot of homes and a lot of people. A good way to enhance this is to try and enhance traffic to the site to promote the post even further.

Go To A Trade Show

Not many businesses use trade shows as they don’t like the idea of sucking up to people in public. In all honesty, there isn’t much sucking up, and you get to converse with your customers. If that doesn’t sound appealing, you can still market your brand to a mass audience. All you have to do is create a banner that everyone can see above your booth. The banner should incorporate an advertising slogan, your contact details, and your new logo. The trade show method is effective, and it is cost-effective too.


Add It To Social Media

In 2016, most consumers digest advertising campaigns through social media. Even if they don’t realise it, they are taking in the info when they are on Facebook or Twitter. For starters, your Twitter feed or your Facebook page can use a massive version of your new logo. And, you can post links to the article above to boost hits to the page. Plus, you can shamelessly post the logo on Instagram and Flickr without any validation. They are image-based platforms, do there is nothing wrong with this method.

Put It On Your Stationary

Big firms have to scale models of their logos outside of the offices. You may not be able to afford this, but you can afford logos on stationery. Although it isn’t as effective, it still works a treat. When you put your logo on lanyards and pens and pencil, you can constantly market your brand regardless of the situation. People will notice the logo and subconsciously store it in their minds. Sometimes, marketing is that simple.


Sponsor An Event

Paying for an event may be worth the money for the exposure. All you have to do is figure out the costs of the event compared to exposure. If it is a big event, for example, you are bound to make the money back in the medium to long-term. Also, it is a good idea to sponsor an event if you are involved in the local community.

The locals love a firm that looks like it is giving back.