It’s scary to think of your Fido getting hurt or lost on the hiking trail! Such fears grip the minds of most owners and their adventure friendly Fido keeps waiting at home for the owner to return.

With the Fido, traveling is a lot more fun and interesting. The way a dog enjoys exploring the sites can make you fearlessly do the same. They’ll protect you against danger, and play games when everyone’s tired.

Besides the solid recall training and off-leash training, make a blueprint of the hiking trail in your mind and consider the following tips to make it an impeccable hiking tour:

1. Do Your Research About Hiking Trail:

At first, consider the weather conditions because your pooch may not be able to bear extremely hot or cold weather. Go for plain trails that are not steepy or rocky. Keep away from biking or horse riding areas as they can scare or hurt your dog. Pack Fido booties for rocky, hot or slippery paths.

Moreover, if you are going with a group of hikers, consider their like or dislike towards dogs on the trip. Follow the leash laws of the hiking trail carefully. Always remember to clean up after your pooch when he eliminates on the way. Pooper scooper is a convenient way to do that

2. Prepare a Dog’s Backpack:

Get a backpack for your pooch that’s comfortable, water-proof, balanced, and perfect fit. You can put water bottles, treats, toys, collar or harness, poop bags, toothpaste etc. in his bag to divide the load. Most owners are unsure about which toothpaste to choose from, have a look here to select from the top 5 dog toothpastes.

If you’ve got a small first aid box, then it can be placed in the dog’s bag as well. However, keep in mind that the load cannot be above one-third of the dog’s weight.

3. Pre-plan for Health Essentials:

Before setting off for the hiking adventure, visit the vet to have a complete checkup. The vet can assure you whether the dog is fit to go with you or not.

Never take young or aged dogs with you, as their bones are weak and they cannot bear pressure for long.

Don’t skip on the first aid box containing all the bandages, vetdo-recommended medicines, and antiseptics. Pack lots of food as the pooch will need food every hour in small portions. Keep the Fido hydrated throughout the trail.

4. Pack the Camping Basics:

In case, you have planned to stay a night or two, pack the dog’s bedding, poop bags, blanket, favorite toy, pillow, or crate to make the dog feel at home.

Either put the dog in his crate/carrier or keep him on the leash. You can make him sleep within your tent so that he is away from the danger of wild animals.

5. Leashes and Collars:

You will have to make a difficult selection here between glowstick bracelet collar, GPS tracking collar, and a flea collar. Glowstick bracelet collars can help you see the pooch in the dark. GPS tracking collar can ensure that you wouldn’t lose your dog. A flea collar can save you from flea troubles.

You can also add identity tag to the usual dog’s collar with your name, number, and address.

A harness is an effective tool to control dogs that are aggressive or easily frightened. A retractable leash can allow the dog to explore the surroundings.

Your choices here depend upon your pooch’s behavior and needs!

Final Verdict:

Hiking trail can be fun with the pooch if you add the aspect of basic training to all the necessary steps mentioned in the article. Have an exciting and unforgettable tour with Fido.