Renovations of a house usually do excite people to bring out the designer in them. This also applies to bathroom renovations. However, there are many factors to consider before starting any renovations; this includes choosing trendy tiles, bathroom design, bathtub design if any, and many other such issues. For any type of bathroom renovations in Melbourne, a good budget is essential.

Factors to Consider for Bathroom Renovations 

  • Estimate of cost: Before starting out with the project to renovate a bathroom, it is necessary to decide on how much you are willing to spend. Once having decided on the budget the extents of the renovation you can make become clearer. It is important to remember the cost of fixtures and other items can vary depending on their quality and there would also be the additional cost of labor.
  • Time estimate: It is quite common to not consider the time factor when planning the renovations. Making changes in a bathroom may require construction work, electrical work, and even plumbing. Thus, even for a small bathroom with minimal renovations, it can take up a considerable amount of time; from ordering the raw material to coordinating between different tasks, since the sequence of tasks is also important.
  • Working out the sequence: The sequence of work is important in any construction activity and it is no different when renovating the bathroom. However, since it is the only renovation, it is likely not everything is changing; thus there is not likely to be a fixed sequence; making it more prone to errors. For example, tasks like demolishing will be high on the list of priority while paint job would be low and maybe the last job. Again prior to placement of tiles on floor or walls, all plumbing activities are carried out.
  • Design: It is important to start the design process as early as possible since there are many small items and variables to decide on. The items to consider can include tile design, paint color shower design, tub design, etc. The design work increases if the fixtures or items are being moved around.
  • Dimensions: A bathroom consists of compact plumbing and the design of fixtures is as per the arrangement in the bathroom. The factors that play a big role are the basic size of the bathroom, dimensions of the fixtures, and measurement of any other accessories and pipes you may need.
  • Walls & Flooring: Selection the material for the walls and floors of the bathroom can be harder than you expect. There are several additional options to look out for like waterproofing, cement paint, slip-resistance, etc.
  • Lighting: Getting the lighting right is very important. Besides having sufficient light to illuminate the bathroom, it is a good idea to have a spotlight or bright light near the mirror. A simple rearrangement of the lighting system can make a very big difference in the appearance of the bathroom.
  • Ventilation: Good ventilation is vital for any room of the house. A bathroom requires a better ventilation system which usually tends to consists of an exhaust fan and window that opens outside the house. It is essential to have a constant airflow in any type of ventilation design.
  • Storage space: Having a storage place in a bathroom is optional and mainly depends on individual choice. For those who do like a storage space; find the optimal place and getting the desired size of storage space can take some special designing effort.

Thus, it is a good idea to opt for best bathroom renovations in Melbourne, to ensure you get it right the first time around. An important point to remember is that for bathroom renovations in Melbourne fix the budget first.