imagesMost songs sing about spontaneity of embarking on a road trip. They make it sound like a romantic getaway, an escape from reality that can last as long as you need your reality on pause. And, for some people it may as well be what songs sing about while for us others with regular jobs, kids, commitments and other, a road trip is a way to take a step back from everything we do on daily basis and just… take some time to relax.

However, proper relaxation rarely comes without planning things ahead, that is, planning things in such a way nothing surprises you and you can actually enjoy your road trip and the time away.

Have a plan

A road trip involves costs and that’s something you need to b aware of. Gas, accommodation, food, etc. are all parts of this little adventure. To avoid shocks at the spot, do a research on things you are concerned about, before leaving.

Have a list

Since you are going to that destination you adore, you surely know which parts of it you want to visit. Thing is, we all get confused and excited when we travel, so it wouldn’t be strange at all for you to go to a certain destination and forget what all you wanted to see. So, before leaving, make a list of places you want to visit.usa-225603_640

Have a schedule

For the plan to work, you need to have a firmly set schedule on how long you are going to stay at a certain place, e.g. Arizona 3 days. Stick to what you have planed so you can visit everything! Further, after you have finished the list of states you want to visit, go online and check rules of the country you are visiting. Also, check policies about what which country allows or will tolerate, what rules you should respect while you are there, etc.

Be smart

When going on a road trip or any trip at all, you need to have your emergency kit with you, especially if you are allergic to certain things. You never know what will happen, and getting stuck in the middle of the road with no aid, well that’s just wrong! Yu don’t have to bring the whole pharmacy with you, but bringing the essentials is a must!

The weather

Checking the weather forecast before deciding to embark on this trip would be a really smart thing to do, especially if you live in rainy and dump areas. Traveling while it’s raining may be romantic but it definitely isn’t safe! So, check what’s the weather got in store for you and plan your trip accordingly.

Be cautious

No matter how spontaneous a road trip should be, there are certain things you need to be careful about before setting off. One of them is your car safety. Go to your local service and see if your ride is functioning properly. Checking oil and, making sure to bring spare tyres, and everything else that goes with it is only smart. Don’t be lazy, think of your safety first! Further, make sure you have got all the necessary tools to change a tire in case you need it. There are many bumps on the road, and you want to avoid any potential misfortunes.

Stay entertained

One of the key aspects of a road trip is having fun! Having fun while driving to a certain destination, is very important as the way you feel will have direct effect on how you drive – if you get bored bigger chances are you’ll start feeling tired which then leads to you endangering the whole travel party.
Engage in car games, talking to your family, listening to your favorite tracks, singing along… there are plenty of stuff you can do, you just need to be creative!

Voyage back

The voyage back shouldn’t be any less safe or fun! To ensure everything goes according to plan, there are a few things you need to like inspecting your car again. If you have been to some really dusty areas, you should wash your car before going back.

Basically, all things you’ve done upon leaving – it’s time you did them again. The good part of it all is that now you’ve already got experience with everything, so it’ll all go much faster. Be prepared, don’t let a potentially unforgettable adventure for you and your family, turn into a stressful rollercoaster!