COVID-19 is not over; it continues to cause pain throughout the world, but it is healthy to look forward and think about what things might be like post-COVID-19. One thing you can look forward to is your family reunion, which is going to be more special now, and the following will help you plan a classy reunion.

Start Early

The reality is no one knows when this pandemic is going to be over, so you have time to plan for a reunion. The earlier you start, the better things will turn out. 

There are a lot of details for you to figure out, like how many people might attend, food allergies to consider, the most convenient location for everyone, and the best date for everyone. If you wait too long, you might end up dealing with these questions all at once, causing more stress than needed.


Open a Line

Everyone in your family has to be communicating openly before the reunion. The good thing is there are several ways to do this nowadays; the most effective way is to start an online family reunion page through social media. 

Here, updates can be posted regarding the reunion. You can allow others to post updates regarding availability and much more. A page like this usually sends notifications to members, which is what you want right now.


Think of Entertainment

Entertainment is vital for any family reunion. If you are going for something classy, that means you need to make sure the entertainment choices work with your overall theme. For example, you can look for pool tables for rent to give everyone a chance to play a game that isn’t too demanding but still fun to play. 

For the kids, maybe you can consider putting on a puppet show. See if you can get the most creative person in your family to write the story, or maybe you can just share a beloved classic.


Discuss Funding

Okay, you are going to have to be comfortable enough to talk to your family about money because a reunion can cost a lot of cash, depending on the kind you are throwing. Talk to everyone in your family to find out everyone’s financial situation so that you can plan accordingly. 

Some families have to cover other family member’s travel costs, and that’s something you need to know advance. Maybe you can come up with a budget and have family members donate to the reunion fund that you can use to make all of this happen. Be open and transparent to make sure everyone is okay with the plan.


Consider Accommodations

You should consider accommodations for everyone who is going to participate. Sure, you may be able to offer a room or two for some family members in your home, but that will only work if the reunion will be in your town. 

The reality is you’ll likely have to get a hotel room for everyone. Hotels may offer discounted rates for large groups. Call some hotels and talk to managers to find out what price they are willing to offer. 

Do not tell them what your budget is, and make it clear that you are talking to other hotels nearby to get a good price. After getting a good price, go ahead and negotiate a bit.


Hire a Designer

If you aren’t renting a venue that is already classy, then you’ll have to hire an interior designer to help you decorate. You’d be surprised how important design is, especially after so much planning and the money you’ve invested in this reunion. 

The decor will make it easier for your photographer to capture images that you’ll find worthy of framing or sharing online for years to come. 

A reunion like this one needs to be captured beautifully, and it’s within your power to make sure that’s possible. You can rent many decorations, so reinventing your home won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


These are some steps you need to take to plan a beautiful family reunion after COVID-19. Talk to others in your family to find out if they have additional ideas since this is a family reunion after all, so getting other members involved is important.