It is very crucial to have minimum of 4GB of RAM. But the latest rams are usually very expensive. On the other hand, in case you see desktops with DDR3 RAM slots, you may get them at a very cheap price.

Of course, you can look for the Best corsair ram to buy and ensure that you have the right one. But again, it is always good and wise to have things in mind that help you make the right purchase. Here are some points you should keep in mind before you make the purchase.

What is the Amount of RAM?

Before you even go further, just ask yourself, why you are going to purchase it? In case you will plan to buy RAM for your laptop or desktop for gaming, video editing, 3d modeling or other heavy uses, you require a good amount of RAM. Here,  16 can be a minimum for you.  

However, if you just get frustrated with 2GB RAM and require more RAM for usual uses, it is better you should go with 4GB minimum. In case you don’t have any budget problems , you can also go with the option of 8GB.

Check the Compatibility:

You know what, every three out of ten new buyers don’t check in case their computers can manage those RAM sticks and support them or not. As an outcome, they need to return it from where they purchased it and buy another one. So, if you want to evade such type of situation, just ensure your motherboard, CPU support that specific RAM or not.

In simple words,  not all types of RAM is compatible with every system. Below is a list of things that you should look for when considering a memory kit’s compatibility with the other components of your system:

  • Motherboard DIMM Slots
  • CPU Heatsink Clearance
  • DDR Generation
  • Form Factor

DDR generation is crucial because older generation DDR memory is not going to work with motherboards that are constructed to support newer generation DDR memory and vice versa. You cannot put DDR3 memory in a motherboard that possesses DDR4 DIMM slots and you cannot put DDR4 memory in a motherboard that possesses DDR3 DIMM slots.

Talking about motherboard DIMM slots, it is even important that you note how many slots your motherboard possesses. Some tinier form-factor motherboards (micro-ATX and mini-ITX) just come with two DIMM slots. So, clearly, you cannot put a 4x4gb kit of memory in them. You can just have a maximum of two sticks of RAM in such a case. So, ensure that you are not buying more memory sticks than your motherboard can grasp.

There are even some memory kits that can also have compatibility issues with certain CPU heatsinks. Huge bulky air CPU coolers can mostly hang over DIMM slots. And, in some cases , they can avert the memory kits with tall heat spreaders from getting installed. So, you must make sure that if you are choosing a huge bulky air cooler and you are selecting RAM that has tall heat spreaders, that you check and ensure that the air cooler you have will not interfere with the RAM in ;your system.


To sum up,  you can check out top corsair ram online and ensure that you have a good and effective option in hand. Make sure that you keep all the given points in mind.