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Patios, decks, and other outdoor furniture can elevate how we enjoy our outdoor spaces. A thoughtful selection of outdoor furniture adds functionality and comfort to your living space, thus setting the mood for fun and relaxation. Like traditional household furniture, homeowners need to put extra effort when selecting furniture for their outdoor living spaces. This piece guides shoppers on the key factors to consider when shopping for patios and outdoor furniture.

Weather considerations
Unless it’s winter, your outdoor sofas and dining sets will spend most of their useful life in the open and under total exposure to the elements. As a result, you will need to know the general weather conditions of your residential area. How often does it rain? Is the area prone to heavy storms? How hot or humid does it get for most of the year? Answering these questions can significantly influence the type of finish and materials you need for your outdoor spaces. For example, regions prone to strong blowing winds are not ideal for aluminum furniture. Though sturdy, its lightweight construction means the items are likely to blow away with strong winds. For such areas, steel or iron is a better choice for furniture frames. Plastic and synthetic finishes are not ideal for regions with hot and dry climates. UV rays from sunlight can also damage some fabrics leading to the degradation of your patios and outdoor couches.

Consider environmentally friendly materials
Wood and metal have great aesthetic appeal. However, wood harvesting and metal extraction lead to environmental degradation, which opens the door for global warming. For example, recycled plastic outdoor furniture manufacturers preserve our living environments by using eco-friendly and recyclable materials for your furniture and fittings. The result is cost-effective and functional furniture that minimizes environmental damage. Recycled furniture helps homeowners slash their budget significantly instead of going for brand new wood products.

Understand your outdoor layout
Homeowners need to know their outdoor layout and how much backyard space they have before heading to their local furniture outlet. Is the space wide or narrow? Is it squared or L-shaped? Knowledge of these details will help you make maximum use of your balcony area. Most importantly, remember to leave a roaming allowance for ease of movement into and out of the area. To avoid working with the wrong proportions, consider sketching your balcony layout on a piece of paper and include actual dimensions as guidance for your furniture purchase.

Homeowners get value for money when they invest in durable items that stand the test of time. Long-term exposure of metallic fittings to hot and humid conditions will lead to corrosion and fading. Metallic outdoor fittings should be powder coated to reduce heat conductivity and wear and tear from rusting. Plastic is highly susceptible to UV damage. Therefore, you are better off choosing UV-resistant varieties that can withstand sunlight exposure without degrading in quality. Opt for items made from teak, mahogany, or eucalyptus, as these handle wear and tear much better than wood from other trees.

Cushions for comfort
Add comfort to your outdoor couches by introducing cushions. Choose upholstery with fade and mildew-resistant qualities. Cushions with durable fabric materials have low maintenance costs meaning you will replace them less often than cheap fabric cushions. With pillows, you can also customize the look and feel of your outdoor space. Add character to your balcony and patios using colorful pillows for an overall sophisticated look.

Shades and furniture covers can protect your patio sets against harsh weather elements. However, it is always advisable to have a place to put away outdoor furniture when not in use. Homeowners need to have a garage, basement, or storage shed. Prolong the longevity of your outdoor sets by putting them away in winter or off-season to minimize damage from harsh weather conditions. If storage space is limited, consider buying sets that are foldable or easy to deconstruct. Stackable chairs come in handy in maximizing storage space.

Other considerations
Budget is a significant determinant of what items you can buy for your outdoor space. The beginning of winter is the best time to go shopping to enjoy discounted prices on outdoor patio sets.

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