When it comes to how to pass a hair follicle drug test, it might seem like the obvious answer is to just shave and wax all the hair off your body before taking the test. Right? Wrong. There is a bit of logic to that hasty response, but when you really think it through you’re really just dooming yourself by doing that. This extreme measure might bring success to some people and earn them a pass from the drug test out of sheer shock, but most of the time, if you show up to your drug test looking like a naked mole-rat, they’ll simply assign you a different kind of drug test to take. So then you’re entirely hairless, look ridiculous and a tad bit creepy, and still have to worry about some other potentially drastic measure you may have to take for the next drug test coming at you. So, if how to pass a hair follicle drug test is something you are personally freaking out about at this very moment and you’re dying to know what other options you have, this article is here to save the day.

In today’s era, when everyone is putting their utmost effort to fit into the societal notion of beauty, transforming outer appearance has become quite common. However, let me inform all my readers, especially women, because they face the burden of changing their self-much more than men, that altering looks can have several benefits other than just attracting admiration or attention. Improvement in the levels of self-confidence, modification of attitude, and perceiving life in a positive light are a few major ones among the lot. Well, I have jotted down certain tricks through which you can effectually reinvent your image. Please do buy some time and check them out.

Detox Shampoos

If you go ahead and google the words ‘how to pass a hair follicle drug test’ you’ll be flooded with ad after ad of different sketchy companies trying to peddle their special detox shampoos to you in your panic. Don’t fall for this. Breathe, and take your time to read through trustworthy sources. Any discussion forums for anything related to cannabis should feature some posts and stories from people struggling and succeeding in similar situations, so these are generally good places to get true and unbiased reviews of these types of products. Your best bet is to narrow your options down to the two or three different shampoos with the most solid reputations, buying them all as soon as possible, and trying them all. This will cost you a good bit with express shipping options so hopefully the job is worth the cash you have to drop for this drug test. Then, do some research and find some homemade detox shampoo recipes, and try a few of those too. From most people sharing their experiences online that I’ve seen, this tends to work in the end, but your hair will be extremely damaged, so expect to drop some more cash on revitalizing it too.