Two whole weeks in Europe—or wherever you dream of going. It sounds like a dream come true until you try to figure out what to pack for your trip. As you have items strewn all across your floor, your dream vacation looks more like a nightmare. Believe it or not, it’s possible to pack light even when you’re going to be gone for several days.

Find a Laundry Facility

You can take fewer clothes if you can find a place to wash them during your vacation. Many hotels include on-site laundry. If your choice of lodging doesn’t have a place to wash your clothes, you can locate the nearest laundromat.

Plan a couple of hours on one of your vacation days to wash your clothes. This way, you can reuse your clothing instead of packing extra items. It’s also a good time to take a break from your busy tourist schedule and relax while your clothes are getting clean. Many short-term and weekly rentals include laundry facilities and are perfect for vacationers who are spending a week or two at one location.

Pick Multipurpose Clothing

Take fewer pieces of clothing when you pack items that can do double-duty. For instance, a pair of black slacks are perfect for day or evening. All you have to do is change tops to go from casual to formal. A long skirt can work much the same way for women.

A casual shirt can be paired with a nice jacket to take you from day to night. Think about how you can use each item of clothing you pack for more than one event, which will reduce the number of outfits you need for your vacation. Choose pieces that are neutral in color and made of non-wrinkle material, which will hold up better through the entire vacation.

Carry Packs, Bags and Wallets to Store Important Stuff

Instead of carrying a purse that doesn’t hold much or a big, heavy wallet, look for bags and slim wallets for men which can carry important papers and cards. A bag can also hold sunscreen, hand lotion and other items you might need.

In fact, a backpack can easily replace a purse and serve as a second piece of luggage for your most important personal items. It can reduce the amount of luggage you need to check for your trip if you’re flying. Choose smaller packs and wallets that weigh less and will hold fewer items and determine to make do. You’ll end up packing less stuff and you probably won’t even miss it. When choosing luggage, make sure it rolls so it’s easier for you to take it with you.

Pack Only the Necessities

For some people, they think of everything that could happen instead of what is most likely to occur. The result is they pack way more stuff than what they will actually use. Instead, think about the best-case scenario and only pack for that situation.

If you need more stuff, determine it’s better to buy it at your destination rather than packing it ahead of time. The exception to this rule is if you cannot find what you might need or if it costs too much.

Learn how to pack light for your vacations by taking only the most important essentials with you. Choose clothing items that are versatile and can be worn multiple times, and try to locate a laundry facility to wash your clothes for reuse. Choose smaller packs and luggage which will make it easier to carry your stuff with you. You’ll quickly discover that packing lighter allows you to enjoy your trip more.