Your bedroom is a space where you unwind and relax for a restful sleep after a busy day. For this reason it must be the coziest corner in your room that promotes the sweetest sleep at night. Despite the fact, your bedroom is often a space that is subjected to a lot of clutter, noise and so many external cues that distract relaxation and restful sleep. With a few tweaks you can optimize your bedroom for a good night’s sleep. Here are some tips to optimize the external cues in your bedroom that may hamper your night’s sleep:


  • Your mattress matters:

A cozy and relaxing mattress can go a long way in determining the quality of your sleep. A mattress that is either too soft, hard or lumpy may hinder you from getting a relaxing sleep. When it comes to mattresses, you get a wide range of options to choose from varied brands and distinctive materials. The sleepers range from innerspring, foam, waterbeds, airbeds, and latex to name a few. Read reviews about all the available options before making a choice. Look for mattresses with a higher warranty and coverage. Pick the one that best suits your requirements. Go organic and choose materials that are more hygienic and health friendly. You need to checkabout the quality, comfort, as well as warranty coverage of the products you opt for purchase. Also, there are various online resources such as get best mattress where you can search for getting your perfect mattress and also reference reviews from other customers about the products before making a purchase.

  • Control room temperature:

It has been observed that optimal room temperatures promote the best sleep at night. Sleep experts agree that the room temperature must be in a range of 60-72 F for a restful sleep. Try keeping an optimal room temperature while you sleep at night. Before you think of buying devices such as air conditioners to optimise your room temperature, read reviews of other customers to make a better purchase decision.

  • Keep it dark at night:

Complete darkness promotes the secretion of Melatonin, a hormone that controls the quality of sleep. Studies reveal that exposure to light generated electrically before as well as during sleep suppresses the release of melatonin leading to increased wake time. To get deep restorative sleep, you must ensure that your room has complete darkness. Avoid reading in the backlit light. Keep distance from your desktop and mobile screens. Shut off all light sources in the room and embrace darkness for a better sleep at night.

  • Keep it quiet:

Try to quite out any sounds that may interfere with your sleep. Noise can greatly influence your deep sleep cycle. You may even opt for earplugs or white noise machines to blur background noise. Get more advice from other users before you invest in any gadgets or white noise machines to create calming sounds.

  • Switch off gadgets and electronics:

Most of the electronic gadgets emit bright LED lights or blue light that suppresses secretion of Melatonin – the sleep hormone. Regular exposure to bright light for long hours before bedtime may lead to prolonged wakeful hours at night.

To promote better sleep, switch off all devices prior to two-three hours before you go to bed. Keep devices in silent mode or use do-not-disturb apps for your Android and iOS handsets.  Read reviewsfrom people who have used these apps to know how they work and what benefits they offer.

  • Keep your bedroom clutter free:

A cluttered space not just keeps you distracted but also hinders you from feeling relaxed. Spend a little time in decluttering your bedroom space to ensure that everything is placed in a proper place. Keep clothes in the closet and papers on the office desk. Keep baskets and bins to manage things strewn around the bedroom space. Place dressers and shelves for keeping things out of the way in a more organized manner. If you need assistance de-cluttering your room, read articles and blogs to get started. Get suggestions from people on how de-cluttering helped them in getting better sleep.

Try these tips to turn your bedroom into the coziest corner to slip-in for getting the most relaxing and restful sleep.