When looking to improve your online presence, landing pages give the first impression to our visitors. Most of the time, if the presentation is not appealing enough, it ends up being our final impression.

Many business owners and marketers struggled to catch the reader’s attention to stand out from the noise, which is why people research more and more in understanding customers. How should we listen to our clients? How do we know how to grab their attention?



Because of many reasons, we need to show our offer as fast and direct as we can. Particularly, it should be enticing for our viewers so they spend more time on our website.

Generally, the best way to get them hooked is getting straight from the beginning the benefits they will get. Most companies start with a great image and a headline explaining it. Of course, that picture should be amazing and related to your service at the same time.

Also, a great strategy is paying attention to techniques used by other successful companies. For instance, if we take a look at Apple’s landing page, we can see some of the details.

  1. Their logo is almost unnoticeable, located at the left corner.
  2. They go straight to the offers and news. When it comes to make people meet the brand, they explain it in another tab later.
  3. They use many call to action examples from the very beginning: the discounts, the limited offers, news, and events, among others.



Since people are busy, they will not be interested in making a tour on your website carefully. Instead, they will try to solve their questions or needs and leave as quickly as possible.

Because of this, we have to know and show that information first. They won’t rely on our brand until we give them a solution quickly. Otherwise, they will skip all our content and presentation.

These pieces of content will depend on the business we are creating. For example, having a restaurant should allow people to make reservations and orders from the website. When talking about some type of event, people may like to know the hours.

As long as we understand the visitor’s purpose, we can filter better our target customer. The ideal client will be more interested in keep researching while people unrelated to our offer will walk away. Both scenarios are what we are looking for.



The purpose of a landing page is catching attention, showing our value and make people take action. Before they even think of leaving the page, visitors should have a clear idea of the services we provide, why we are different, and what should they do next.

A well-built website is the one which makes customers make an informed decision. If we manage to educate them in a simple way, it will also be easier to increase our conversions.

Ultimately, we never know exactly how users will behave, even if we prevent every single potential problem. It is always recommended updating lots of metrics and tracking every action they take.

Afterward, we would question the part of the process that is not providing the expected results and adjust again. Eventually, the landing page becomes an essential asset to create brand awareness.