Birthdays are a beautiful thing. They celebrate a person’s life and they are an occasion to bring together family and friends. While adults enjoy these celebrations as well, we often view birthdays as a way to remember certain milestone’s in the life of a child. This can become a bit tricky to accomplish in a blended family. Both parents naturally will want to be a part of the party, but that is not always easy to do. However, a bit of pre-planning and preparation can put this back into perspective for everyone involved that the celebration is truly for the child. Here are some ways to help you to navigate milestone birthdays in a blended family.

Communication is Key

From the beginning, it is important that both parents and other adults in the life of the child begin to talk about the upcoming party. It does no good for one person to plan one party, while the other is planning another. Talk about what is going to take place and try to divide duties as much as possible.

Alternating Birthday Responsibilities

Depending of life circumstances and your ability to get along, it might not be possible for both parents to be present at the party. This is why you will want to consider alternating the parties, such as taking turns every other birthday. Setting this clear rule early on will make the process seamless as each birthday comes about.

Deciding on the Invitation List

It is also important to work together to determine who is going to be on the invitation list. This is important because there might be certain people that should not be at the party. Work together to decide on the ground rules for who gets invited, and who does not. While you are talking about it, it is also important to consider who is responsible for what.

When dividing responsibilities you should spell out everything that comes with it. Is the person bringing the food also bringing the plates and tableware? Are there any dietary restrictions? If so, will you serve different food or will you make sure you have a great variety from a caterer that everyone can enjoy? Consider Asian food catering as a way to feed a lot of people without having to worry about plating each dish. Large parties are perfect for buffet style serve your self food tables.

How to Separate the Finances if Throwing the Party Together

As you plan the party, decide who is going to pay for what. It is best to decide this early on so that there are no misunderstandings. One idea is to have one person pay for the food while the other pays for the bridal venue.

These four items will help you get started on the path towards throwing a spectacular birthday party. Just remember to keep all of this in proper perspective. For a few moments, you can put the differences that separate you as adults aside and enjoy a party that is meant to be a celebration. This is what memories are made of.