The wedding ceremony is an essential part of the lives of every bride and groom. However, once the formal process is done with, its time to have some fun. The huge dance floor, couples’ first dance, the wedding cake etc., all call for a gala time with a grand celebration. The wedding reception is also the last occasion to be celebrated at a wedding. Hence you want to make sure that this party must be the one, that you and your guests will remember for a long time.

The couple would really want to make sure that their guests take home beautiful, fun memories of the event and cherish the fun time spent. Keeping that in mind, here is a list of 5 must-haves for every wedding reception party to make it a success and ensure that everyone to has a great time:-

  • The Perfect Seating It is advisable for the couple that they create a  seating plan that is well thought and organized. Make a list of all those who have confirmed their presence. Now categorize all of them according to their known circles such as your work colleagues, your close and distant relatives, and your friends. You must make sure that people who are familiar with each other are seated together. This will also ensure that your guests are not seated with complete strangers while feeling awkward and are able to enjoy with their loved ones.  
  • Uncommon Style & Ideas – Nowadays reception parties are having all sorts of new & unseen ideas and themes incorporated into the occasion. This comes with lots of fun stuff that ensures everyone’s involvement. You too can make sure that your party carries such a theme that will entertain all your guests. Either make your guests enter into a vintage scenario with a veteran theme or surprise them with a wonderland styled setup.
  • Snacks Cart Your guests will praise you a bit more when you will offer them a bit of fun element with the food. Putting up a stall where the guests can have their favorite snacks, that too made only for them. This will also keep them excited a bit. The snacks will surely be enjoyed by everyone. For this, you can either hire the services of a professional chef who will create quality food in no time, or you can either do a DIY Snack station that the guests can make use of while creating their snacks according to their preferences, and have a bit more fun.  
  • Music & DJ One of the most exciting and fun parts of the wedding reception is a dance. Be it the first dance of the couple together or be it the wild dancing with the friends and cousins, the dance floor is always up with something or the other. To compliment this time and make it more fun you must include a DJ who will bring life to the party. There are many expert wedding DJ’s in Sydney, that are experienced enough to read the crowd and play according to the vibe.

Hosting a marriage reception might be a little cumbersome, but it is unique and fun. It is the first part of you, as a married couple and it must be celebrated well enough. It’s just not any other night. People will be in a happy and celebratory mood and be adding the items as mentioned above in your reception party will ensure that your guests enjoy themselves and have no reason to complain.