Do you want to make every corner of the home safe for your playful children? Keep in mind one thing that every year, almost thousands of little children are getting hurt or even killed in indoor accidents. But surprisingly the incidents can be easily prevented by some little care and changes to your home.

Check out these top 8 home modification tips to keep every corner of your home safe for kids.

Move Your Glass Table:

Edges of glass tables are very dangerous for a little kid just learning to walk. Your little son or daughter can easily cut their forehead and eye area while playing. Contact your manufacturer to find out the material of your glass table. If it’s non-tempered and easily shatters, put it in a secret room so your toddler can’t access the table the next time.

Window Safety:

Any type of window in our house shouldn’t be able to open more than 3 inches, about the height of an adult fist. Also as an alternative, you should have a window guard. But if you have a window that is low to the floor or has a window seat, then installing a window guard is compulsory. For casement windows, move the crank from there and keep it somewhere that only you can access.

Keep Balloons Aside:

Latex balloons are very harmful to small children. It should be kept away from children under eight years old. Believe it or not, but as per the studies, half of the children’s choking deaths caused by toys are due to balloons. If children put a popped balloon in their mouth, the balloon can spread itself over the entrance and cover their larynx and suffocate them.

Organize The Crayons:

Even their little hands can break a crayon into two pieces, and then it’s small enough to be able to choke on. Always care for your youngsters while they are utilizing such workmanship supplies, and consider getting round colored pencils like Crayola Tadoodles. These are the safer option than the rest.

Keep Piggy Bank High As Possible:

Children can climb the stairs of your dresser drawers and easily grab the money bank on the top. And once they do, the bank could be shattered quickly and they can be choked on the little coins inside. Because coins are absolutely perfect in size to block your children’s airway and that can be the worst nightmare ever. In that case, you can use or install drawer stops that are able to keep drawers from being open more than two-thirds of the way.

Protect The Lower Cabinets:

Your standard cleaning items, for example, channel openers, dishwasher cleaners, and furniture cleaners are extremely harmful to your youngsters. You can secure those cabinets with some magnetic locks, or you can use a traditional quality latch with a locked box that is childproof. Also, place every chemical high up and out of reach of your children.

The Dishwasher Is Locked:

Most importantly the biggest hazard here is ingesting your regular detergents. Consider making a specific point or mark of running the dishwasher just as soon as you’re adding your detergent. Leave your store knives with open blades and daily dishes in the machine for as short a time as possible.

Many dishwashers come with a locking option, so please check yours. Another way, consider an appliance lock that you may give a try a few to find one that works very well with your home machines.

Move Your TV Stand:

If your child ever tries to climb up on your unprotected TV stand, then the TV set can easily fall on them. Consider mounting your TV safe and secure on your wall, if it’s possible. Televisions on stands need to be permanently attached to your wall also. Consider sleeping the industrial-strength or the velcro straps into the air-vent holes and attach them to the eye hooks so that you screw them into the wall.

These were the 8 most important home modifications that you can do to prevent dangers for your children.





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