It’s finally summertime! Throw on some shorts, a tank top, and some sandals. And get ready to chill out while you stick to a healthy routine. Make this season a memorable one by creating plenty of opportunities for healthful and peaceful times. Here are some ways to do that.

Be Organized

As busy as the summer might get, remember to stay on track with your great habits. That means keeping papers decluttered, making your bed every day and managing kitchen chores. That way you will always have a restful, efficient home to come back to after your summer travels.

Stay Hydrated

As you stay more active or get out into the summer heat, it’s important to drink plenty of water. About eight glasses per day is a good goal, but individualize that further by drinking the number of ounces per day to equal half of your weight. So if you weigh 140 pounds, you would drink 70 ounces of water per day. Keep plenty of summery-looking drinking glasses in your kitchen to make the water-drinking habit easy to follow.

Stock Seasonal Foods

It’s easy to stay on track with healthy eating all summer long when you plan ahead and shop wisely. Make sure you take advantage of the abundance of summer fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon, strawberries, zucchini, tomatoes, and basil. Even better, grow your own vegetable and herb garden in a small area of your yard or balcony. If possible, buy some of your food from local and fresh sources like the farmers market.

Host a Pool Party

Who doesn’t love a dip in the pool to cool down during the dog days of summer? Invite some family and friends over, fire up the grill and relax in and out of the pool. If you need help getting your pool ready for your fun festivities, get in touch with swimming pool contractors Naples. They’ll be happy to help you determine what maintenance and other routine jobs you need to have done.

Put Up a Hammock

There might be no better place to nap in the summer than your very own hammock. Place one of these simple accessories in a shady spot in your yard. Then enjoy it as a place to catch up on your summer reading list or simply as an ideal place to rest.

Move Exercise Outdoors

Your exercise routine might need a change of scenery as the weather warms up. Try taking your workout into the great outdoors. Do some Pilates in your yard, or try some simple jumping jacks and situps on the lawn. The fresh air and sunshine will also do wonders for your energy level and mood.

Wind Down With Music

Relaxing music has the power to take you out of stress mode and right into a zone of peace. Fill your home with soothing sounds, such as the quiet instrumental music of a solo piano or guitar.

Soothe With Water Sounds

Sitting by a waterfall or bubbling stream can melt your stress away in no time flat. Create the same peaceful effect in and around your home by placing a small water feature like a fountain in your yard or inside your home. Close your eyes, and breathe deeply while focusing on the relaxing sound of the water.

Bring in Fresh Flowers

If you grow colorful flowers in your yard, clip some and turn them into lovely arrangements in vases placed on tables and counters throughout your home. The sight and fragrance of the flowers will be uplifting while bringing pops of color to your home.

It can be simple and inexpensive to add more health and peace to your life this summer. So go ahead and try one or more of these ideas. As you do, see how much more you enjoy your summer.