Remember the times when we used to watch fairy cartoons? Ahh, nostalgia. Getting all those magical things was the dream of every kid.

But as we grew up, well, we understood that they were just, umm, a creative media and nothing else. Of course, it was heartbreaking at first seeing all that I believed since childhood was nothing but a lie.

All those spells and pretty small homes with big chimneys I ever dreamed never existed. Ohh! Poor girl I was, but you know what? Such a stubborn I  was that I never lost hope.

Maybe I can’t have the spells or the fancy clothes or even the fairy house(it’s costly), but I can have what was the most alluring in these tales.

And that is, the fairy garden. Yup, you got it right. I am talking about the glowing garden that used to have the glowing road, a glowing pond and some other pretty things.

Being a painter and artist for so long motivated me to build this thing, and I tried replicating the fairy garden. It’s not the most beautiful, but I am satisfied with the results.

I hear you screaming, “How did you do that?” Hold your horses guys, I will teach you how to replicate it too.

So, what do we need?

1. Glow in the dark paints(Thick)

2. Some bags of Glow Stones

3. Brushes

4. Acrylic spray or a lot of clear nail polish

5. A UV Blacklight Torch

You can get them from wherever you want, but if you want me to suggest, then read on and you will get my recommendation as we go ahead.

Now, let’s start the process.

1. Glow in the Dark paints

If you never heard of glow paints, basically, they are Phosphorescent paints that have the ability to glow in the dark.

These paints are built using phosphors crystals/pigments that absorb light and emit it slowly. Think of it as a mobile’s fast charger. It charges your phone quickly, but takes so long to use that charge.

Similarly these paints charge pretty quickly(seconds/minutes) but can glow for upto 12 hours. Generally these paints glow for like 2-3 hours, but with some high-quality paints, you can easily get like 6-7 hours of glow, and sometimes even upto 12 hours.

So, why did we get this? We need it to paint some big stones and noticeable things around the garden. But we are getting the glow in the dark stones, then why to paint?

Because glow stones are very small, like a thumbnail, so for a big stone we need a glow paint. Also, surfaces like tree branches(wood) and garden gate(wood/metal) need to be glowing for best effects.

So, we will use glow in the dark paints on anything and everything that you want to glow. Since we are using it outdoors we need thick paint, as they are more adhesive and stay firm.

Plus we need a coat to do weatherproofing and have longevity. You can use an acrylic spray on a clear nail polish to do the job.

Nail polish may not cover such a big area, so I will recommend the spray. Remember, apply the paint thickly before using it.

2. Glow Stones

Ever saw that glowing road or maybe the glowing pathway? Like, the boundary that glows like an orb! Believe me, it looks stunning.

And you can achieve that by using some bags of glow stones. Again, I said some bags, not one. Since these stones are small, we probably need a couple of them to get it working. Why?

These aren’t like you just sprinkle them and it will light up your garden. It’s just like glow paints, so they need charge to glow.

Since these stones are tiny, the glow each one produces is also small. Therefore we need them in groups to get a noticeable glow.

Just start pouring it wherever you want, like around the pond, near the pathway, on the side of garden door, and wherever you need a glow.

Make sure they get good direct sunlight, and you are using good quality glow in the dark stones, otherwise, your results may not be as expected.

3. Brushes

Nothing special here. You need good brushes to use a glow in the dark paint. A quality brush will spread them evenly without any mess.

Apart from the brush, you can use sponge, cloth or whatever you want.

4. Acrylic Spray

Since we are using glow paint outdoors, it will face harsh weather, severe storms, etc. Of course once these paints dry, they are difficult to remove, but not impossible.

Maybe some of your paint peel off due to bad weather or something, and then you have to start all over again, which can be irritating.

So, what I recommend is getting an acrylic spray and using it as a coat of glow paints. Wherever you applied glow paints, use it onto them to get a nice clear layer of protection.

It will not only give a glossy look, but also ensure longevity. Just apply it thick and you are good to go.


I talked about some things you need to make a glow in the dark garden. I have made it as simple as possible. If you want, you can use Solar Lights to add additional glow and beauty.