When it comes to designing or organizing display of a clothing or any other fashion related retail store the first thing which requires your attention is the display window. It is basically a space of your shop which is primarily used to display latest trends of clothing which are available at your store. You can use your display window to promote your hot selling products, new arrivals or clearance items which are available at discounted price. Whenever your potential customers passing through your store see your display window they can have an idea about what type of products or offers are available at your store. Display windows are a perfect marketing tool for your business because they engage your customers and motivate them to shop at your store. So making display window appealing and impressive is critically important for the success of any fashion retail store. According to surveys having an impressive display window can lead you to higher sales by engaging more customers with your store.


To improve, renovate or redesign display window of a store the first thing you may need is a great collection of mannequins which should be arranged well and displaying high quality trendy fashion apparels. Arranging mannequins at your display window needs a lot of research and planning. You can’t just place a bunch of mannequins there. You must do proper research and choose perfect type of mannequin which will be suitable for your display window. Here are few tips which you may want to know before starting designing of your display window.


The first thing you need to take a start with while decorating your display window is planning. In this phase you can consider different things to plan that what type of mannequins you need, what quantity and what style will be suitable. As far as the quantity is concerned, it all depends on the space of your display window and the range of products available at your shop. If you have a wide display window then you can display a good number of mannequins. However if you are lacking of space then three or four mannequins can be enough for you. While choosing color and style of your mannequins you can consider your store them.


Once you have chosen your mannequin collection, now it’s time to dress them. It is very necessary to use hot selling and in trend fashion apparels so your customers can know that you have latest up to dated collection of clothing available at your shop. You must use as many fashion products as many you can to make your mannequin appealing for customers.


After dressing your mannequins now you can arrange them at your shop in an organized and attractive way. There are different mannequins available which come in unique styles and looks. You can add one or two pieces of such mannequins to make your display window more attractive. You must display mannequins at your display window is a realistic and stylish way.


These are few things which you can consider while redesigning your display window with the help of mannequins and dress forms.