Bedrooms and efficiency are not two things you would put together. Bedrooms are more about looking pretty and being a comfortable place to relax and sleep. What most people don’t realise, though, is how efficiency affects these factors. If your bedroom is not efficient, the odds are it won’t be comfortable or pretty either. So, you might want to reconsider if you want to maximise your bedroom’s full potential. Here are a few thoughts you might want to contemplate.
bed room

Tidy Up

Don’t let clutter ruin your bedroom. Bedrooms have the tendency to be quite small, or smaller than the other rooms in the house. That makes efficiency such an important issue because you haven’t got space to waste. Everything has its place, and you should store them there for maximum effectiveness. All it takes is five minutes every morning to have a whip around and do menial tasks like making the bed or putting clothes back in the drawer.


To put everything back in its right place, you need the right storage options. That doesn’t just mean a few drawers or wardrobes because you might not have space. It means the right wardrobes and drawers to fit the room. Again, try and pick the right storage options that maximise space. If you have plenty of space in the corners but don’t know how to use it, install corner wardrobes or stack up drawers on top of one another. For some more innovative methods check out companies like Accuride, who specialise in these techniques.


The main purpose of your bedroom is a place to sleep and rest. Sometimes, that is hard if you don’t have the right lighting. Lighting can catch the eye while you are trying to get your head down and stop your body from shutting down for the night. If any room is not performing its primary function, it is not efficiency. That is the end of the argument. So, make sure you paint the colour of the room with a colour that is conducive to sleep. Also, use curtains in your bedroom to block the light.

Turn Off Appliances

Again, this is another method to help you sleep. Appliances give off a lot of radiation, and that radiation will stop you from getting to sleep. It prevents you from getting to the deeper stages of sleep, the REMs cycle and having longer periods of sustained sleep. If you have appliances like TVs and mobile phones in your bedroom, consider moving them. Or, you can turn them off thirty to forty minutes before you go to bed.


Overall, your room should be comfortable. Anything that prevents comfort in your room should be removed as soon as possible. That means a rock solid bed or even light bulbs that give off too much light. Just the tiniest thing can make a massive difference.

Efficiency and everything a perfect bedroom represents come hand in hand. Therefore, you don’t not want to skimp on the efficiency. Often, it makes the biggest difference, you might just not realise it yet.