Extra room in your home is always welcome. People like to rearrange furniture and always find a different way to gain more useful space. A garage is perfect for that, it’s a multi-purpose area that can easily be modified into anything you like. In order to learn more about this and discover some new tips, I decided to talk to guys over at www.goodgarage.us. Here are some interesting ideas to consider when repurposing your garage or just trying to make better use of it.

Ceiling Sliders:

Just imagine how much useful space you can gain by utilizing your ceiling and walls. The best way to use your walls is to install ceiling sliders. These are pretty convenient, they don’t use much space and they are never in your way. Your tools can all be in one place always at your fingertips. All you need to do is climb a ladder and take what you need. If this sounds a bit inconvenient just think of the amount of free space you’d be gaining, you are basically receiving a whole new room for whatever new purpose you might need.

Wall Shelf For Your Bicycle:

Bicycles are generally not that big, but when you store it in a garage they sure seem to take a lot of space. Again, the perfect solution to this problem is to install a wall shelf where you could easily store and reach your bicycle. It is very handy and even pretty to look at, but most importantly you are getting so much space and one less obstacle.

Other Wall Shelves:

When you put it on paper walls could probably see more use when it comes to storage requirements. A shelf for your tools is a great idea. Not only would you have all of your hand tools nicely displayed and easy to reach, but you could also arrange them in alphabetic or size order to know exactly where every item resides and don’t waste time searching.

This technique can also be applied to larger tools like shovels, brooms or lawnmowers. The idea is the same, a shelf designed to fit this type of tool to gain more room, and have everything systematically arranged and easy to reach.

Wall sliders for storage bins. Similar to ceiling sliders, the wall sliders are useful for storing a range of items. All you need for DIY is some boards, nails a drill. These bins are made of sturdy materials, fit for any sort of item and you can easily move them around.

Basic shelves, the same shelves you’d install in your home are also viable for your garage. You can store old clothes, shoes, skiing equipment, work equipment, or just about anything. These can be made in any shape or form, depending on what you need and how much space you have. The shelves can also be suspendable, to save even more space if they are not in use.

A Flexible Workbench:

If you occasionally need a good and stable workbench, but you also struggle with space, an ideal solution is a flexible, folding, multipurpose workbench that can be unfolded. You can attach it to a wall, similarly to shelves, and lower it in a matter of seconds.


If you want to store items, but also have them closed off and protected, cabinets are the right call. You can build them yourself as they are very simple in design. They are not much different from cabinets in your bedroom and you can also install sliding doors to reduce the amount of space they need when you want to open them.