How To Make Money Selling Ringtones On iTunes?

Music artists find it hard to gain recognition as well as earn cash because of the tough competition. Mobile technology has allowed artists to create and sell ringtones online. Placing songs directly into the consumer’s Smartphone helps to build a fan base.

What are ringtones?

Ringtones are a small version of a popular instrument piece or a song. They are generally not more than 20 seconds long. Making ringtones is easy but to sell them on popular online music stores and streaming services you will need a digital music distributor.

Reasons to sell ringtones

Selling ringtones offer a chance to expand your reach and engage a new fan base. It even helps to earn revenue in the procedure. The digital music distributing services upload music to iTunes by converting your audial into ringtones. Some good reasons why musicians can take interest in selling ringtones are –

Ringtones is a cost-effective way of distributing short snippets of the new album to worldwide fans. It is a good option for artists who have still not recorded or made singles.

Sell ringtones on iTunes, Amazon Music, etc. as a promotion of your albums or singles. Ringtones are potent marketing tools that help in establishing their name and increase sales.

How to sell ringtone?

First, create ringtones.

Open web store and browse through the short clips. You can choose to either create ringtones from your song or use some other artist’s melody. However, you will need license or resale rights from the original artist.

If you don’t get approval then create your own, but make sure any kind of ringtone you choose to create has to be of superior quality inspiring listeners to download it.

After creating the content set your web store to start selling ringtones.

The digital distributing service offers valuable seller and payment processing tools, which helps consumers instant download delivery. You can create more and more new ringtones to promote your music and increase sales.

MusicDigi is a great ringtone distributing platform that has an intuitive interface and simple steps to become a member. It has myriads of active users, so it is highly popular among worldwide music stores.

You can sell songs on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more than 150 music stores and streaming outlets. MUSICDIGI pays 91% of royalties directly into members’ accounts.

Members need to pay $39.99 every year for their services including unlimited releases, free ISRC & UPS, keep 100% rights, distribution within 24 hours, real-time reporting, and get paid every month.

Artists can control their release date, which music stores or streaming platforms to upload, pricing, and even make release accessible for pre-order. You can even use MUSICDIGI to release compilation albums [Various artists’ releases].

If you are releasing a remix, cover song or song using samples then purchase the license to avoid potential legal issues from its original creator. The license has to cover downloads and streams appropriately. Permission from the original artist is mandatory.

Selling ringtones offers a kick-start for your album-making process and even brings in revenue!