Money has become one of the survival element for everyone; thus it becomes critical to make a career which can pay your bills while providing you the comfort of living. Initially, when blogging was only considered a hobby & not a source to earn money from, the time has changed since then! However, if you are wondering how to blog, in the first place, then you must head out & search the internet, the web is full of guides & tutorials to help you launch your blog. Making money from blogging has become more accessible than before, & you don’t have to be a celebrity or no longer need huge traffic to monetize your blog. You can start with moderate traffic, and then while including monetizing strategies, your blog will earn both revenues as well as traffic. Here in this post, we have listed few of the common yet most effective strategies to earn money from, have a look:

• Advertisement

One of the most common methods for bloggers to earn money is by including ads on the blog. CPC/PPC or CPM ads are usually the banner ads that you place on the blog which then depending on the per click or per impression gets you paid form the advertiser. Google AdSense is one such platform which helps you in posting related ads on your blog similar to the niche of your blog so readers can relate to the ads. If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, look for AdSense supported themes which lessens your burden as they by default work with Google & the required ad-space.

Another way to earn with this strategy is when you have considerably good traffic; then the advertisers approach you with their products to promote them on your blog. You can review the products, include them in your posts, place them straight on the blog in the form of button, links or banner. The advertisers can either pay you with a fixed amount, or you get a commission on per sale via the link from your blog. No middle man is included in this method, as there is a direct approach between you & the advertisers.

• Affiliate Marketing

It is a passive revenue generation strategy for a blogger. In this method, you help an advertiser selling their products via your blog. It is sort of same as of advertising, but here you get a link precisely dedicated to your blog which you can include in your banner ad, post or button; this way the seller keep track of the sale. This is beneficial for bloggers since you don’t have to indulge in after or before sale services for the buyers; the sellers themselves provide them the needed services & updates if required!

• Sell Directly

If promoting others’ good does not appeal to you, you can start selling your products! Granted, this will need some financial planning as you would require a manufacturing unit & sales services. However, selling physical goods is not the only option; if you have an expertise on certain topics, then you can share your knowledge in the form of an e-book, can conduct seminars, offer consultation with minimal charges or give video, audio tutorial.

• Use It For Your Personal Growth

No wealth is bigger than the knowledge you have gained over the years or the credibility you have built in your social, professional & personal circle. Blogging can turn the tables in your favor if you have a business or you are a freelancer if done right! For a business person, it is critical to approach people with a neutral attitude to know about the services they are offering; if the consumers are happy or not, to promote their business to a wider market & one of the less known benefit is to know what your consumers expect from you. While running a blog, you can reach out to your consumers to understand them better & to fulfill their requirements. Similarly, a freelancer will have the benefit of getting hired or being offered more work given that the freelancer shows his potential on the blog.

Blogging was, in fact, is, a method to vent out your inner thought, skills & true potential to the world. In the initial phase, there will be less traffic & money, but over the time, you can follow these tips to get your blogging journey going. Comment below & tell us what works best for you!