Long distance relationships can be overwhelming and even stressful if both you and your partner do not learn the few elements that keep such relationships together. It doesn’t matter whether you are in an asexual, homosexual or even heterosexual relationship. Most people who have been in long distance relationships will tell you that sometimes the road can be a bit rugged, and you will need a lot of patience and determination to sail through everything.

There is a fairly large number of people who are asexual, and this means that their presence is scattered all over the world. You may be one of the people who has fallen in love with someone in a far flung land, and you are asking yourself: “Do long distance relationships work?”

Well, the question you should be asking is: “Do you want your long distance relationship to work?” I say this because you will need to deliberately purpose to work on it if you want to maintain the relationship. So, what do you need to do to make it work, you wonder? I am not saying I know everything concerning long distance relationships, but I will try and share with you what I did to make mine work. Here are some long distance relationship advice:

1. Talk with your partner about expectations:

Always remember that you are not in the relationship alone. Despite the fact that you and your partner are in an asexual relationship, it doesn’t mean that you cannot discuss the future together. To avoid conflicts, talk openly about your expectations and how you feel the relationship should be. Do not be afraid to define the relationship so that both of you are sure of what you are getting into.

2. Be creative to keep things moving:

You do not have to be in a sexual relationship to enjoy intimate moments with your partner. You can find other creative ways to bond, such as playing online games, engaging in deep conversations, and even finding a hobby that you can share, without having to be physically close. The important thing is for you to be creative and flexible.

3. Understand that your partner may have other commitments:

Unlike short distance relationships where you are operating under the same time zone, climatic conditions, and sometimes cultural back grounds, long distance relationships are different. You have to understand that as much as you would want your partner to always create time and be there for you, it might not be possible. The best way to work around it is to work a schedule that allows you to enjoy and interact with each other without stress.

4. Trust is very important:

Your relationship will never advance if you are not willing to trust your partner. So, you must be ready to believe that your partner loves you and wants to be with you. Believe when they tell you that you are special to them, and trust that they mean what they say. Don’t trouble yourself trying to find ways in which you can prove that they are not telling you the truth. You will end up messing the relationship.

It is common to be hit by a wave of uncertainty and ask “Do long distance relationships work?” The simple truth is: If you and your partner are determined to make it work, then it will!