familyBefore you plan to create your own family tree, why not work on someone else’s family tree to get an idea, then create your own. It will boost your thinking ability and you may come up with something innovative as well. Family tree is a terrific way to search the past of your family history and represent it dramatically. You can share it online and get compliments for your work. So, let’s make a Hritik Roshan’s family tree to get an idea.

How to begin?

To create a family tree for Hritik Roshan it is important to find about his relationships. His father, mother, siblings, wife, children, etc. You can go deep and find about his grandparents as well. How many generations would you like to add should be thought as well. Before you construct the tree take information about each one and come up with cool ideas. You can add their date of birth, a small personality description, age, occupations, interesting events which has a great significance, etc. You can then think about how to make family tree ? Should you use leaves and paste the pictures there or use the boxes. You can think about a background or simply check various templates available online.

Hritik Roshan’s family tree :

If you are confused about how to make a family tree of Hritik’s family then you can begin from his grandparents. Starting from his grandparent’s, Hrithik’s Roshan grandfather named Roshanlal Nagrath was a music composer who married Ira Roshan and even she was a music composer. They had two sons known as Rakesh Roshan and Rajesh Roshan where Rakesh Roshan was a film director and actor in Bollywood. He got married to Pinky, daughter of Director J Om Prakash and the couple had one son and daughter, Hrithik and Sunaina.

Hritik got married to Suzanne Khan and they have two sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan. Sunaina Roshan, Hritik’s sister got married to fashion designer Ashish Soni but the couple got divorced and she remarried Nick Uday Singh. You can also include Hrithik’s uncle, Rajesh Roshan brother of Rakesh Roshan. Rajesh Roshan has a daughter named Pashmina and son named Ishaan. You can create family tree using the templates online. The family background is interesting for Suzanne Khan as well and the tree can be constructed in an amazing manner if you include it.

Recording national and international events will be more interesting if that has impacted the family in some or other way. For example, weather events, changes in career, occupation, wars, etc. The type of changes can be recorded well to create a family tree that has valuable details. Take pictures which are smiling instead of serious faces or you can go for cool pictures where they look extremely great. The whole family tree will look enlightened and beautiful. Use interesting backgrounds, color combinations, creative patterns and pictures which reveal their lifestyle. Comments regarding different acts can be included as well.

Once you have made the family tree, do not forget to take the opinion of others so you will know what all to include and showcase in your family tree. For your family tree you would need to take more information from your relatives and peers. So, make a fabulous tree for Roshan’s family in a unique way and implement something different in yours.