Looking to up your role models, supermodels or film stars and dreaming if we perhaps could style and dress like them?  So be ready because we going to teach you to dress like you just came off the runway or a photoshoot just like Indian Supermodel Karan Oberoi. To dress like one first off all we all need to understand how to wear clothes that fit your body type. Know when to dress up or keep it casual, and experiment with different looks the way Karan Oberoi model does. With some staple wardrobe pieces, you can find your style and show off your inner sartorialist.

Here are some important notes that you need to keep in mind to look like Indian model Karan Oberoi model who is best known for his sense of style and dressing sense:

  • Go for linen: Karan Oberoi (KO)  believes there is no other fabric like linen, which is synonymous with summer. Linen is a light, cotton fabric, which makes it perfect for summer. For a summer wedding, linen must always be your go-to fabric. Indian model Karan oberoi makes sure whether it’s a party or marriage to go for linen, it doesn’t just make a man look attractive but definitely adds volume to the personality.
  • Rather than wearing bright or dark-colored clothes, go for pastel shades like cream, turquoise, white, etc. These are light shades and do not absorb heat, unlike bright and dark shades. White is always a man’s best friend when it comes to dressing up for a summer wedding party. Indian model Karan Oberoi being a fashion model he is majorly seen on the ramp wearing those pastel colors that looked rocking on him, moreover, in his personal life and day to day routine, he loves going for pastel color t-shirts that not only looks cool but gives you an edge to your persona.
  • A well-tailored suit is a must-have especially the one you get at Zara or H&M, that are favorite of Indian model Karan Oberoi. According to him, men must always take care that the clothes they wear must neither be too tight nor baggy. It’s preferable for men to wear tailored suits with proper cuts. They should not be too informally dressed for a wedding party. T-shirt and jeans should be avoided always.
  • Indo-western outfits: Indo-western clothing is very much in trend these days because of its highly detailed and elaborated embroidery. These designs give a regal and royal touch to the look.
  • Keep hair short and clean: Shampoo well and get them cut on time can make any man stand out in crowd.
  • It would be great to be clean-shaven. If you are fond of keeping a stubble or a beard, trim it in such a way that looks very clean hence gives royal touch to the personality.
  • Footwear completes your look. Go for loafers while you are casually dressed or high-fashion formals shoes while getting ready in formals.

Some of the above points kept by any man in his mind can definitely make him stand apart and start looking like any supermodel or film star, the key is to keep grooming yourself and invest little time in shopping right wear for you.