Freelancing is one of the most ideal ways to be involved in the workforce in 2019. It gives you more flexibility, you are able to save more money and it can help to cut out long, miserable, commutes. But, it can also be quite damaging to the health of all those who are actively freelancing. This is because they quickly become entrenched in unhealthy habits, little exercise and the like. 

For that reason, here are the best ways to keep your lifecycle as healthy as possible when it comes to the freelancer lifestyle. Some of them are obvious, but some may actually be just the help you need: 

Don’t Become Isolated 

It is very easy to become a little bit of loner when you take on the mantle of a freelancer. The fact is that it is unlikely you will be working with anyone in person other than your cat. This can quickly and easily turn into quite a lonely experience, giving you nothing much more than the very basic social interaction on a daily basis. 

Schedule Everything 

The problem with freelancing is that you soon start working any which way. You may want to do ‘five more minutes’ and end up working late into the night, burning some midnight oil you didn’t even know you had. This isn’t only unhealthy, but it can quickly lead to you becoming burnt out and worn down by the work you are completing. 

Create a timetable for yourself, ensuring there are a definitive start and end to proceedings. This isn’t only healthy, but it can help you to accurately record all of your working hours for invoicing purposes. After all, if you know all of the hours you worked exactly then you can charge for them accordingly. 

Keep on Top of Finances 

Being able to pay your bills at the end of the month is one of the biggest concerns for freelancers. You want to ensure you have the right amount of money in the bank, with enough left over for emergencies and the occasional spot of fun. In order to do this, you need to keep a careful grip on your financial wellbeing. As without this you could find yourself quickly drowning. 

Eat Well, Exercise More 

Working from home or a cafe or anywhere can be a great excuse to become a little bit… well, rounder. To put it bluntly. It doesn’t actually have to be this way though! With a spot of determination, a little bit of leave your house on occasion and a simple change to the way you cook, you may be surprised by how much healthier you feel in a short amount of time. 

Stay Hygienic! 

Becoming a bit of a slob is something more associated when one becomes a university student. But, it can also be true of those actively participating in the freelancer lifestyle. After all, with lots of free time and no one to personally impress on a daily basis… well, it’s almost natural that hygiene might take a bit of a nosedive in response. And worse, other basic habits like brushing your teeth every day may fall by the wayside. 

For this reason, it is important to make sure you shower every morning and try to be presentable for yourself. This way, at least, you can help to preserve your own personal hygiene. Make sure you see an orthodontist Warrington every so often as well, as this can help ensure you keep up your own oral hygiene. 


On the whole, being a freelancer isn’t necessarily the easiest way to instil living a healthy lifestyle into your daily routine. But, with some discipline and a little bit of effort, you can quickly make it a reality. So, start today and you will see the benefit tomorrow!