Almost all kittens up for adoption already know what the litter box is and how to use it. They all learn by watching their mom and imitating her. When you adopt a new kitten who didn’t get to learn from mom, you end up taking over this task. Don’t worry though, it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Show Your Kitten How To Use The Litter Box

When your kitten has to go to the bathroom, put your kitten onto the cat litter box and use your fingers to make a scratching motion. It will help your new cat if you don’t clean the box right after they use it so that your cat will make the connection between the litter box and what to do when in it. When your kitten uses the litter box properly, offer a treat or affection to positively reinforce this behavior.

Let Your Cat Learn Where The Litter Box Is

You don’t want to help your kitten out of the litter box though. You should let your cat learn the path from the litter box. That way they’ll know the path back to the litter box when nature calls and you are not there to help them.

Keep The Litter Box Clean & Consider Getting Litter Box Furniture

The litter box should be cleaned multiple times a week if not daily. Keeping the litter box clean will encourage your cat to use it. Cats are resourceful and will find somewhere else to go if it is not properly cleaned. The box should be completely emptied and all of the litter replaced monthly. If you are having trouble keeping the litter and the smell contained, consider using litter box furniture. There are many different types of litter box enclosures available but the best cat litter box furniture are the wooden cabinets from The Refined Feline. You can find all kinds of modern cat furniture that will blend right in with your own furniture from

Place The Litter Box In A Convenient Location

It also helps to put the litter box in a convenient location for your new kitten, even if it is not the most convenient for you. Kittens aren’t really able to hold it in for very long when they have to go. So, if you’re playing with your kitten on one floor and their cat litter box is on another floor, they may have an accident. When choosing a place for their litter box, use a location that your cat likes. All cats prefer to take care of business somewhere far away from where they sleep and eat. Cats also prefer privacy. It is ideal to place their litter box in a private location that your kitten can reach quickly, and that doesn’t have much foot traffic. You & your kitten will both prefer this arrangement.

Encourage Your Cat To Use The Litter Box

Kittens tend to use the litter box at predictable times. They’ll need to use the litter box when they get up from napping, after eating, and when they’re done playing. Use these times to remind your kitten where their litter box is, even if they don’t end up having to actually use it.

Litter Box Train A Kitten Quickly With These Tips

Following these tips will hopefully lead to a smooth transition to using the litter box on their own. This process is pretty simple and using a litter box is pretty natural for most cats. The majority of cats will pick up on this process early on and won’t forget it. If your cat suddenly changes their litter box habits down the road, that warrants a vet visit. Paying attention to their litter box habits is essential for your cat’s health.

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