Home remedies you can follow to maintain the heath of your teeth

Pain in teeth can be horrifying a person. The sensation is so strong sometime that it becomes unbearable. This sensation can cause inflammation and irritation around the affected teeth. The main reason behind is the unhealthy eating habits. People who eat more spicy, packed food, chocolate, soft drinks are more vulnerable to tooth ache, decay, cavity and worms. These worms are very dangerous for person. They affect not only the teeth and the gums but can also reach the digestive system and cause more diseases. It is important to get rid of the worms before they start causing serious health issues.

It is suggested that you get proper dental treatment if you want the problem to be removed from the roots. However there are also ways to get rid of the worms at home. They are effective but again, they must be backed up by dental appointments to make sure that the mouth is not being exposed to any serious issues.

Home remedies to keep the teeth bacteria free:


Onion is believed to be very good for health. It has anti bacterial and anti septic properties which makes the person more immune and helps him fight against all the bacteria. Most people refrain from onion but the truth is, the smell from the onion is secondary and it does not surpass the benefit that onion has, especially on the teeth.

Onion seed

If you still feel uncomfortable while eating onion, then you can try onion seeds, It is an easier way to get rid of the worms and is equally effective. Take the seeds and boil them. Put some oil in it whole boiling, preferably coconut and then smoke it. The vapors will not only sooth the pain but will also kill the worms residing inside.


Also known as the devils drug is often used as a medicine for many things. It is often used for breathing problems, bronchitis, H1N1 flue and asthma. It also helps in digestive problems which include intestinal gas, upset stomach. Being a nerve stimulant, it is good to deal with mental and physical fatigue. It can be applied on the skin in case of calluses. It is equally effective for curing the toothache. Mix asafoetida powder with lemon juice and then apply it on the tooth. It helps ease down the ache in the tooth and also kill the worms in the tooth.

Nutmeg oil

Nutmeg has anti- cariogenic properties which protects the tooth from decay and cavities. The cavities in the mouth are caused by these cariogenic bacteria and nutmeg protects the mouth from it.

Take some nutmeg and mix them with clove oil. Apply the paste on the affected area and leave it for 10 minutes and later rinse it with warm water.


Garlic just like onion is not just to enhance the taste the food items. It has medicinal benefits too. The antiseptic and antibacterial qualities that a garlic has doesn’t give the bacteria any stand against it. It has a sulphur compound in it called allicin, which upon crushing has medicinal affects. It is the sulphur only that gives garlic such strong smell.

Wheat grass

Wheat grass is a good way to get rid of gingivitis and periodontal disease. They eliminate the bacteria in the mouth and the gums and relieves you of the pain. It repairs the receding gums bu giving them the required nutrients. If it is consumed for a long period of time then it fights the bacteria, the bad breath and even gives heath benefits. It is the best way to prevent the smile.

Many times we do not realize the affect the food we are consuming has on our teeth and it can be very dangerous. Once the acid tears off the enamel, it becomes prevent them from falling of. It is better to take care of the mouth before hand and make sure that the bacteria does not accumulate in the mouth and cause harm to the mouth. Using the above products can help you fight against the harmful worms residing in the teeth but it is still recommended that you get a proper treatment at the dentists.

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