There are many things that you need to watch out for to keep your home and family safe and healthy. You may trim back tree branches and make sure that you get your HVAC serviced each year. However, mold is one threat that is consistently overlooked by homeowners. Often, homeowners only notice mold once spots start appearing on the ceiling or walls, but mold can often fester between the siding and insulation of your home. Here are some helpful tips that you should implement to ensure that mold stays out of your siding and walls. Try to clean your siding regularly, take into account the sunlight your home gets, invest in quality insulation, and use ventilation when necessary. By following these tips, you will be able to keep mold out of your walls and siding.

Clean Your Siding Regularly

A simple method for preventing mold growth on your siding is to give it a washing on a regular basis. Most homeowners should shoot for cleanings every few months. It’s important to note that mold spores travel through the air and attach to the exterior of your home. Once attached, they’ll being to grow. By simply washing the mold off, you can prevent a buildup of it on your siding. A soft-bristled brush with some siding cleaner is enough to protect vinyl siding.

Consider the Sunlight Your Home Gets

Mold prefers to grow in dark and damp places. You can prevent its growth by allowing more direct sunlight to reach your home. For example, take the time to trim branches that are blocking the sun’s rays from reaching the side of your home. Take a few moments and assess the condition of your exterior siding. You’ll be able to notate which areas aren’t getting direct sunlight as you’ll notice possible mold growth. Trim up your landscape and always consider sunlight when it comes to planting future features around your home.

Invest in Insulation

Insulation is intended to be a barrier between your home and the outdoors. When installed correctly, it will prevent mold growth from reaching the walls of your home. However, if you installed it incorrectly or with an inadequate amount of material, you can find yourself dealing with mold growth inside of your home. When it comes to insulation, you should be considering both insulation in the walls and around the various vents in your home.

Use Ventilation Where Necessary

The biggest cause of mold buildup is moisture trapped inside of your home. You should take the time to ensure that each wet room in your home has the proper amount of ventilation. All bathrooms should have fans. Kitchen ranges should have hood fans to properly vent out the steam created while cooking.

Keeping mold out of your walls and off of your siding takes multiple strategies. By implementing the above strategies on a regular basis, you can limit the mold growth in your home. It’s a good idea to always be aware of the possibility of mold and fix any problem areas when you first notice them.