The high demand for gold and silver continues to get stronger. Throughout the centuries, people from different civilizations and nations used these precious metals because of their monetary value, and it’s a trend being rediscovered today as way of hedging the risks of traditional RRSP portfolios. Gold and silver are valuable additions, and perhaps still the best long-term investments, to portfolios in bear markets.

What is the RRSP?

Financial experts in Canada recommend RRSP accounts – RRSP stands for Registered Retirement Savings Plan and is authorized by the Government of Canada – If you want to store your gold safely and lucratively. Your spouse or even a common-law partner can contribute to this savings program, and retirees are not compelled to pay any tax on income earned in the plan provided funds stay in their accounts. You pay taxes only after receiving payments from the RRSP.

Advantages of Gold and Silver

The value of stocks and bonds declined significantly during the global financial meltdown in 2008 but not gold and silver, so the decision to buy gold in Toronto may be a perfect option for those looking for a stable RRSP. For some time, gold-enabled portfolios continued to generate returns even through the economic slump, and garnered an annual average of 32% from 2008 until 2013.

For this reason, gold and silver remain strong hedges during periods of inflation of sudden price increases.“Inflation hedge”, for the uninitiated, refers to an investment that affords safeguards against decreasing currency value. By buying or investing on gold, you put money in an asset that maintains or increases within a particular timeframe, so you offset the risk of some of the other necessary, traditional stocks and bonds. Wealthy investors will confirm, you can lose a lot of money by keeping only assets such as real property, bonds, stocks, and mutual funds associated with the dollar in your RRSP, and that the benefits of buying gold for your RRSP are numerous, and help mitigate the risks involved with traditional portfolios.

Advantage of Choosing Silver

Although this article is primarily about gold, it’s worth mentioning silver as well, as silver can also be invested in an RRSP. Most investment experts would describe silver as undervalued and reasonably priced, and just like gold, silver does not have any counter-party risk, which indicates that the asset will never default or turn out as a liability for any individual. Furthermore, manufacturers find numerous uses for silver in industrial ventures, bumping up demand (but not necessarily price). Even as investors as well as central banks worldwide purchase gold, silver remains attractive to them because of the metals inflation-protection properties.

Remember, if you’re looking to invest gold or silver in your RRSP, buy it through an accredited gold dealer and have it stored properly. Armed conflicts worldwide specifically in Iran and Syria, as well as the simmering situation in North Korea, have contributed significant instability to international finance. Keeping assets such as these two valuable metals (Gold or Silver ) will almost certainly come in handy in the future.