Do you feel like you’re always dragging and can’t seem to keep up with everything you have to do? If you feel tired even if you’ve had enough sleep or if you think you can barely open your eyes, let alone get up and function, without a cup (or two or three) of coffee in the morning, take heart. Today there are lots of ways to increase your energy level without using caffeine.

How to Increase Your Energy Levels without Relying on Caffeine

There is nothing more important to the body than remembering to keep hydrated, but despite the presence of the ubiquitous water bottle, many of us just forget to drink enough water. Water is essential to the whole body, inside and out, and helps everything from digestion, to skin, to energy levels. If you are dehydrated, your body systems slow down, causing you to feel tired and moody. Challenge yourself to replace your coffee and sodas with water for a couple of days (try a squeeze of lime or lemon to add a little zip) and see how you feel.

Rely on Nature
• Don’t huddle inside all day, just get out there! Being outside elevates your mood and helps sharpen your memory, and you need the Vitamin D you get from sunshine to fight depression and increase breast health. Go outside, take a few deep breaths and study the sky or the leaves for a minute for a recalibrated sense of perspective.
• Walk for ten minutes. That short walk will increase oxygen flow to your brain which equals perked-up energy. If you get in the habit of taking a short walk every day you’ll find your energy levels and your stamina increasing.
• Bring the outside in. It can be fatiguing and stressful to be in one place for eight hours at a time, but if you create an indoor area, preferably with a window, that features some living greenery and pictures of beautiful, natural scenes, you’ll find it’s not very difficult to take a moment to really look at natural beauty for a boost in energy.

Sing and Dance
This may prove a little challenging in an office, so you may want to reserve this energy booster for when you are at home. But listening to songs you love makes you happier and more energized, and if you dance along with your singing, your mood and energy levels will continue to rise.

There are certain natural supplements known for boosting energy. Vitamin B-12 and Gingko Biloba are two of the most familiar. Another is ASEA’s Watter Redox supplement, which actually contains molecules natural to the body. They act as cellular carriers, helping to protect, rejuvenate, and keep cells functioning at optimal levels.

Massage What?
You may already be aware of trigger points on the body which are used in acupressure to relieve pain and stimulate body organs and systems that are sluggish. Getting a massage increases blood circulation and energy as well. The ears are the site of many important trigger points. Massage your ears firmly starting at the top and ending at the bottom of the earlobe for the maximum benefit in energy.

Cold Showers, Really
It may be one of the more unpopular methods of reinvigorating yourself, but taking a cold shower really is a tried and true method of speeding up your body’s circulation and making you feel sharper and more alert. A shower is considered cold if it is no more than 50 degrees – eek!
These are just a few of the methods you can use to kick your energy level up and feel better. There are many other natural ways to increase energy, so find what works for you and enjoy your newfound energy while you kick the caffeine habit.