Novel Pandemic has caused a global anxiety attack among not just humans but even animals. Humans are concerned about their safety and survivability; whereas, the animals loitering busy streets, where sights of rare species are encroaching on human civilization, have been captured on the camera. Such developments have amassed mixed reactions from people, where one shade of human character lauds the virus for the damage control inflicted on nature. In contrast, the other shade condemns the virus’s outrage for destroying lives, economies, and putting the world on a standstill. The only way to survive this pandemic that has claimed over 6,50,000 lives and over 25,00,000 positive cases is to stay home, use masks and hand sanitizers, and maintain personal hygiene for survival.

You can use masks for your body protection. But enough supply of these outdoor masks is not available to keep everyone safe. The PPE or Personal Protection Equipment shortage has caused a furor and led to skepticism about the safety of people. Many people are using masks, which is further aggravating the situation. At this moment, the world has to unite against the fight to defeat this pandemic. Only awareness can help people stay safe and afloat amid these tough times.

The Efficiency of the N95 Masks to Protect Against the Virus Pandemic


N95 masks or also known as masks, are quite effective against the virus by capturing almost 95% of the germs spreading through physical exposure. The nanometer particles traveling at a Brownian motion get captured as per the mechanical & electrostatic forces. As a result, these masks are beneficial when you want to contain the spread of the virus.

How Can You Extend the Life of Your reusable Mask?

Reusability of the Outdoor Masks When you want to protect yourself, having an N95 mask serves the purpose in a significant way. But most people are having a false notion that the masks are not reusable. But the reality is that the virus loses its effectiveness and power after 72 hours. Hence, you can reuse the mask after thorough washing of the same. If you wish to extend the lifeline of the mask further, use a white cloth over the mask. Use disinfectant solutions and detergent to wash the mask for better service life.

Rotational N95 Masks Highly suggestive to buy N95 masks in a couple or twin pieces so that you can alternatively put it to use. When you are going ahead with this strategy, the N95 masks in the event of severe contamination is reusable five times.

Where to Buy the N95 Masks?

N95 masks have been up for sales on numerous online platforms. has introduced a wide range of N95 and other masks to help fight the pandemic from the confinement of your home.

Reusability of the Masks 

N95, as well as standard netted cloth masks, can be reused when you wash them in a thick lather of soap. You need not have to buy the masks online again and again. Just put soap or detergent in the container, you can add sanitizer liquid like a disinfectant and wash the masks for reuse.