There is a lot that goes on inside instacare clinics on a day to day basis, and when you are managing one, you have to make sure that the patients, hospital staff and the property is secured at all times. The delicate nature of the transactions which take place in and around hospitals mean that you cannot have any form of aggression, violence or vandalism happening in the premises. The fact that patients will be walking into and out of the establishment with personal effects also means that you have to secure the grounds against theft. Here are some useful tips on how you can increase security for your Instacare.


Invest in a perimeter fence

One of the oldest and most effective ways to keep intruders out of any establishment is to have physical boundaries that are effective. When you build your hospital, add a good perimeter fence around it and if possible install an electric fence on top of it. Then, you can have very strict access control at the gate where people getting in will have to show ID or leave some kind of biometric data. This way, in case of any accident or incident happens within the system, you will be in a position to narrow down to a few possible culprits. When you have a perimeter wall, you discourage burglars because they will be afraid of getting caught.


Get CCTV cameras

Another great investment which you can make for your instacare is CCTV cameras. You can have a number of them strategically placed both inside and outside the building. The best thing about installing CCTV cameras inside the building is that in addition to protecting your establishment from theft and collecting evidence in case it happens, the cameras also ensure that nurses and all other medical practitioners are in their best behavior at all times. People generally tend to be in their best behavior when they know they are being watched. Another benefit that you will get from a reliable outdoor camera is that it will record everything that happens and in case it is a crime, the footage will be evidence for the insurer and the law enforcement.


Biometric access control

When it comes to the critical parts of the hospital such as the pharmacy, you need to ensure that only a few authorized people have access. Creating situations where anyone has access to drugs leads to theft and other malpractices such as healthcare givers abusing prescription drugs. The data center is another part of the hospital which needs a high level of access restriction because if patient data got into the wrong hands, it would be extremely difficult to deal with consequences such as lawsuits.


Security education

Another security measure that most people ignore when strategizing about keeping their health facilities safe is educating their staff about the importance of security. You need to keep reminding the people in charge of hospital records that the data they hold needs to be secure at all times and the losses which could occur if the information was to be compromised in any way. Similarly, you have to tell the guards about the potential dangers which could arise from not following security protocol when clearing visitors at the gate. When everyone knows the magnitude of security for what they are guarding, it will be easier for them to do what they should to keep it safe at all times.


These are just a few of the measures that you can take to increase security for your instacare or other health establishments. Other small things which actually help include posting notices which let people know that you have secured the area and that crime is not allowed on the premises. These have been known to deter crimes a lot. Finally, invest in motion sensing floodlights. These may seem a little simple, but no one will approach a building if they know that the floodlights will come on when they stop on certain areas.