Self-education is the purest form of learning which we can benefit from by gaining insight and knowledge for our own benefit. No such curriculum exists to hold us accountable for advancing ourselves during adulthood. As we keep on expanding our social graph by reinventing ourselves paired with a voracious appetite to learn new things, we end up developing a fluid mind-set facilitating personal growth. The learners who are willing to augment their skill sets and open their minds today are guaranteed to taste success in the days to come. The next question which arises is how can we foster our desire to learn? In the middle of our mundane life where we are in a constant lookout for comfort and security, we might often lose sight of things that are actually important for us and end up with a tunnel vision which can lead us to stagnation. Take an example of a sales executive who runs door to door throughout the day by braving even the most extreme weather conditions! Which option do you think he will choose after returning home between binge-watching Netflix shows and reading an intellectual book? Well, we all know the answer already!

Satisfaction cannot produce success. In the present age of intricate networking relationships, both companies and jobs experience the rhetoric rise and fall within a matter of months. The job role you are occupying can be replaced by technological breakthroughs in upcoming days. Given such a scenario, no one can actually be considered safe in terms of their career. Maybe this is the biggest reason behind the news of drastic career changes such as a CFA becoming a yoga instructor or someone quitting their decade-old job to pursue their passion, which may even take the form of painting. Herein lies the importance of self-education which aids us in honing our current skills and picking up new ones as our mind gets enriched. Thus, the transition gets less bumpy when the time for adapting to a changed scenario finally arrives. Given below are a few points as depicted in which you can follow for igniting and sustaining the passion for learning throughout your life:

  • Having heroes and role-models can help you in living up to their standard. We are not asking you to constantly compare yourself with them and end up feeling unproductive or unworthy, but rather use them as a model of aspiration which can motivate you to exert greater effort.
  • Technology has showered us with excellent informational resources ranging from books, blogs, podcasts to online courses. These tools can bolster our leaning desire by providing us with access to unlimited resources for connecting with.
  • Try to explore unrelated subjects by making unusual connections which might not have been related previously. It is imperative to understand that all our existing ideas do actually have creative possibilities. Thus, make sure to explore the edges by cross-pollinating ideas.
  • Without the avid desire to learn you will see that the world around is slowly stagnating. It is of utmost importance to understand that there always exists something to learn and improve our quality of life. Once you learn something new, don’t forget to follow it up with discussing and constant experiments to gain greater insights on the same.

For unlocking the hidden surprises which life has in store, we must primarily be self-educated. The key lies in to never stop learning and get going.