Kids’ birthday parties can be a headache to organize, especially if your busy schedule does not allow free space to make a plan and actually realize it. There are ways you can avoid all this and actually give the kids a blast. I am talking about indoor playgrounds. The people at have organized plenty of birthday parties and in their experience kids always want to come for more. Games they can play there are fun, active, healthy and safe.

From toddlers to young adolescents, everyone can have fun. The parents can sit back, relax, sip some coffee or whatever they prefer and watch their little ones run and jump around while having an amazing birthday party. Here are some of the activities available at good indoor playgrounds:

Exciting Zipline:

Remember adventure and action movies? In almost every movie of that kind you would see our heroes swinging from a zipline, it’s an adrenaline bomb which nobody would decline. Now, can you imagine your kid swinging from a zipline in an epic adventure? This is exactly what you’d be getting in an indoor birthday party. It is perfectly safe both in terms of design and professionals standing around to make sure nothing goes wrong. The zipline is also adjustable to kids’ age and size so that everyone can have fun. Even grown-ups would like to try it out!

Epic Room Of Balls:

No this is not an 18th-century glamorous ballroom for kids. This is literally a pool filled with rubber balls. It’s perfect for various sorts of adventures and just a great way to spend energy and have fun. The balls are colorful and made of rubber so that no one can get hurt. There’s also no danger that toddlers would try to swallow them.

Obstacle Course For Kids:

This is basically a sort of a competitive sport where kids can race to the finish while trying to successfully dodge all the obstacles. It sounds demanding but it is actually a lot of fun and kids just love it. It’s like adding an extra layer of fun to their running which also involves their brain and skills to try and avoid all the obstacles on the road as fast as possible. The concept is pretty simple, fun and safe. The floors are made of rubber to mitigate any damage from falls which, most likely, will happen.

Super Fun Slides:

This is the most basic concept from your childhood’s backyard. It is a slide, no more no less, but it is modified to be even more fun. The best way to describe is to compare to those slides you can find at your local aqua parks, they are bigger and longer than regular slides you can find in parks and they are also made of rubber. They are inflated with air to give them an effect similar to a trampoline where you can freely bounce around without any danger of hurting yourself. Every fun house has its own theme, you can expect castles, spaceships, and plenty of different designs.

Spider Tower:

Dress your kids up as Spiderman and let them climb up this tower to reach the top where a slide awaits. It’s a fun experience perfect for kids as an output for their relentless energy. It’s made of plastic and rubber with safety nets to prevent falls. The design also varies from house to house, but every birthday party at a funhouse should not end without a visit to a spider tower.