Prom is an important rite of passage for any young adult. It’s the culmination of years of hard work, and a celebration with all your best friends. It will be one of the best nights of your life, and you’ll remember it forever. That doesn’t stop us worrying about it though! Yes, prom is amazing, but it’s wrought with pressure and difficult decisions. What outfit should you wear? Who will be your date? How will you do your hair?

You want to remember your prom for all the right reasons! Enjoying the big night all starts with lots of preparation. Begin planning well in advance so there are no surprises when the time comes. In this post, we’ll show you how to have the best prom ever!


Plan your outfit in advance – Don’t leave this major decision to the last minute. We’re talking weeks or months in advance here. Remember, you’ll keep the photos from this night for the rest of your life. You’ll show your children, and their children! Do you want that one wardrobe malfunction to stay with you? Choose the right dress or suit and make sure it fits perfectly. Try it on a few times and make sure you’re 100% happy.

Get together before the big day – You and all your friends should get together a week before prom night. Spend the evening together and start preparing for prom. You should all try on your outfits, do your hair and makeup and ensure there are no surprises. You can chat about your plans and get excited about the night ahead.

Find the right date – The hardest part of all! If you’re already in a relationship, this part’s easy. If not, you’ve got your work cut out finding the right person. You’ve probably already got someone in mind though, right? The best thing to do here is start dropping hints early. Build that relationship and start a conversation. Don’t blurt out the big question without starting a friendship first! Choose someone that you know you’ll have a fun, easy time with.

Book the limo – There’s nothing better than arriving at your prom in a posh limousine. These days you can even hire a Hummer limo for a truly stylish entry! Again, don’t leave this to the last minute. Book your prom limo from and do it early. Make sure you add an extra hour or so onto the hire service. That way, you can cruise around the city first and start the party early. You’ll have so much fun, and it’s the perfect way to get into the right mood.

Take photos and enjoy yourself – Remember to take as many photos as possible. You’ll want to replay this night over and over in the future. You’ll talk about it and laugh for years to come. Don’t put too much pressure on the night, just enjoy yourself and enjoy the company of friends. Dance, laugh and have the time of your life!

Have you got any amazing prom night stories? Let us know in the comments below!