Creating your chef-worthy kitchen does not have to be a daunting process. Whether you are merely improving on your existing kitchen or going for a complete remodel, there are some basics to consider. You need a space you can easily navigate, regardless of the amount of space available. A successful chef is an active chef, and a chef-worthy kitchen has efficient appliances, tools, gadgets and related equipment that are easy to get to and easy to use.

It All Starts with Design

You’d be surprised how often people first turn to a contractor when it comes to making home improvements as opposed to consulting with a designer. The designer is the one person who will hear your concerns and help you develop a layout that accommodates your needs. This is particularly essential when it comes to the kitchen as it is not as simple as just rearranging the furniture the way you might in other rooms in the house.

You are better off planning the space for how you live 90 percent of the time. Avoid thinking only of those high-days and holidays with the family reunions. A good design contemplates a proper prep center, the actual cooking areas and cleanup. Don’t get lost in all the lovely pictures provided on countless websites that are trying to sell you on their products. Instead, envision a space that best suits your daily routine. If the space is inefficient, you are less likely to use it as you will not enjoy it.


If you have ever spent any time in a real chef-worthy kitchen, you will find that counter tops are everything. Whether it is the area on either side of the range, the wide-open space where pans can be set out or the space needed to bring out the cutting boards, the counter-top space is prime real estate in a chef-worthy kitchen. You can prearrange to have a specific area for prep work that includes quick and easy access to disposal. If you must adapt a counter, it should not require extensive setup.

Your counter surfaces should be able to take the work that is performed in the kitchen. Nearly all natural stone surfaces, while exceedingly beautiful, require special handling and care to avoid stains and marring. When you weigh their cost against efficiency, you may think twice about the choice you make. We have learned from the past that laminate surfaces are highly susceptible. That is one reason you really don’t see them as much anymore.

Concrete countertops Utah have recently become very popular in today’s kitchen designs. They are extremely cost-effective, an excellent DIY project, easy to keep clean, versatile and elegant. For preparing food, they are comparable to marble and thus make an excellent surface for rolling out pastry or working with wet dough.

With a surface sealer, concrete counter-tops are both water and stain resistant. The options on color and edge detail are infinite making it possible to complement existing design elements. They can be cast in any shape and size as well as receive inserts, inlays or unique items such as seashells, glass or pebbles for a personal touch.


When you do consult with a designer, you will find you have cost-effective options for the major appliance that are better than the typical retailers. There is such a difference between a common oven and range and the high-quality commercial stainless-steel ovens and ranges used in professional kitchens. The simple reason for this is efficiency.

A commercial facility demands production. The convection ovens produce results. With the stainless-steel frame that runs up the wall to a larger, more serious hood fan that is also a fire suppression system, your kitchen not only looks legitimate, but it is also the easiest to clean.

If yours is an electric kitchen, you can still replace an old stove with a new induction model. You don’t need to convert to gas. You can have a high-end professional kitchen with this instantly efficient oven that also minimizes the heat normally generated in hard working kitchens.

Ovens, ranges, refers, coolers and freezers take a beating in a fast-paced commercial kitchen. They are built to stand up to the use while still performing at optimal levels. They are designed with their use in mind, and they present an impressive profile in a domestic kitchen. You can get side-by-side refrigerator and freezer models that give you the option of customizing the front panels for a seamless look. A high-end dishwasher can also be made to blend in.


When you graduate to equipment that is intended to provide function over form, you realize that there is a better way to cook. It is time to leave the little cookie sheets behind and step up with the sheet pans. Heavy-duty pots and pans show you how proper heat distribution makes cooking so much better. A proper whisk mixes those sauces and gravies like magic, and the ability to place a stainless-steel bowl atop a pot of boiling water gives you an instant double-boiler. You need to be shopping at the kitchen supply stores now.

The simple distinction between the domestic and chef-worthy kitchens is functionality. With the popularity of food shows and how they pass on the many inside secrets to cooking like a pro, more designers have chosen to start with chef-worthy kitchen plans in new home builds, but you don’t need to move out to obtain it for yourself. As you replace items or add to your kitchen, you can transform your humble space into chef-worthy kitchen quite easily.