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How to Hang Curtains Properly – Curtains Fixing

If you are searching for information on how to hang curtains properly, then you have come to the right place. In fact, this article will teach you how to hang curtains in Dubai. You may be asking why there is a need to learn this skill. After all, the curtains are hanging inside the room where they are needed, thus it doesn’t make sense to learn how to hang curtains properly if the window treatments are outside. This article will answer your question.

Accessories for Curtains

When you are purchasing curtains, the first thing that you need to consider is the curtain rods. You can find a wide array of curtain rods in any furniture shop or home depot. It is recommended that you purchase curtain rods that are heavy and large enough to support the weight of the curtains that you will hang on them. This will ensure that the curtains are balanced and will not sag on the floor. When the curtain rods are too short, the curtains become bottom heavy and can cause them to break.

Steps for curtains fixing

The next step is to purchase the curtain rods and eyelet curtains. The most common curtain rod that is used for hanging window treatments in Dubai is the curtain rod with eyelet. Eyelet curtains are traditional types of curtains that are installed on the outside of the window frame and the top and bottom of the curtain strands are attached onto the eyelet. This type of rod gives you the opportunity to hang one-inch eyelets from the outside of the window frame and there are also zero-inch eyelets available for those who need to have smaller rods. With the help of a utility knife, you can easily install the eyelet curtains.

Curtains rods and curtains panels

If you want to buy window treatment rods that are more durable, then you should purchase woven curtain panels. These curtains are made of a thick cotton material and these curtain panels are usually installed with two-inch eyelets. The curtains are available in different styles, including modern prints, floral prints, and traditional prints. The best part about woven curtains is that they can also be re-used.

Take Measurements of Window 

Next, you should measure the width of the window frame before purchasing any materials. You must make sure that the rod that you will purchase is not longer than six inches when hung from the window frame. The six inches measurement is the minimum requirement since it will give you the comfort that you need. When you hang the rod from the frame, it will create a space between the rod and the edge of the curtain.

Materials for window treatment

If you would like to know how to hang curtains properly, the next step is to determine the materials that you will use for your window treatment. The most common materials that people use for window treatments are aluminum rods and curtain panels. In order to determine the correct size of the rod that you will use for your curtains, you can use a curtain rod calculator. This type of tool is usually provided by home depots.

After you have determined the rod that you will use for your window treatments, you can start to install them. For wooden curtains, you have to first attach the curtain panels to the rod. Then, you can screw the curtain panels to the rod using the appropriate screws. For more information.. Click here, You have to make sure that you anchor the brackets carefully so that they will not move once you hang the curtains.


These are the steps on how to hang curtains properly. If you have installed the curtains correctly, they will look great and serve its purpose perfectly. It is also important for you to take proper care of the window treatment. The curtains that you hang should not fade easily. If you want to learn more tips on how to hang curtains properly, you can consult a home improvement magazine or search online.

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