We all love to see greenery around us. A beautiful garden is the way to make you feel happy when you are alone or it can be a great place to spend your spare times. Most of us love gardening but only the love for gardening does not make any sense if there is no fragrance of neatness or cleanliness.

To make your garden dirt free some accessories are important to make the garden look beautiful. Even of you appoint a professional Gardener Portsmouth, you will need to find the right style for your garden. So what about keeping a few things handy to spruce up your patch of greenery?


  1. DIY Wind Chimes:

If you don’t have any idea of what you will do with the old keys those are gathered behind the drawers, just paint these with dazzling colours and leave for drying. You can hang them in a sturdy stick and this will create a sweet sound to your garden creating a pleasant atmosphere.

  1. Get your fence dressed up:

You can use ice-cream colour for the panels to make the garden cheered up throughout the year. For a temporary touch up you can use some pieces of different coloured ribbons to look your garden more cleanly, prettier as well as tidier just spending a minimum pocket pinch. To make your garden as your favourite time spending place get the outdoors in fresh air and also ask the kids to help you.

  1. Make a properentrance:

An arches only gives any of the outdoor space as a secret feelings of a garden. To make it your favourite place pick up some flexible rods made up with metals from any craft shop or garden center and you can bend them giving any shape that you want. If you don’t have time to coax out the flowers just use synthetic blossoms around that arcway which will bring a heavenly atmosphere to your garden.

Daybreak, East Lake Summer 2007

  1. Put tools as well as toys in your garden:

You can use the underneath space of the benches as a good storage fix. You can also make the curtains using safety pins onto the cloth with certain length of ribbons. You can also attach the underside of some benches using some drawing pins. It is impossible for the guests to get any idea about the chaos that are lied beneath them.

  1. Quirky planters:

You have to present the plants just in a unique manner that nobody have ever done.You may plant all the summer blossoms in the drawer of the painted chest or the old basket of any bicycle. You may also stack some of the old tyres just on the top of one another and also can paint them with some bright colours. It will be look better if you stick a plant just middle of them.

  1. Hiding Away The ‘Ugly’:

Who does not have odd bobs and bits for gardening? They are undoubtedly handy and practical. But unfortunately enough, they are not the best things to look at. So what do you do with your compost beans, tools, water butts, greenhouses and other aides? Simple! Keep a few tall plants, say, evergreens on the surface of the ‘ugly’ things. See how you can camouflage with your natural green screen?

  1. Say Yes To The Superpower Of Fabric

A vibrant striped fabric for deckchair might not be too expensive, but pretty nevertheless. You can consider using them outside and add life to an otherwise dull environment. With winter approaching, you can even think of using picnic blankets, particularly those made from wool. Or what about using car rugs if nothing is handy? Of course, while choosing the fabrics, make sure that you pay due interest to cushions, as well. Pick the bright ones, having different shapes and sizes. Round off the look with large floor cushions.